Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another blockage

I am down with plugged milk duct and this is my 3rd time in 3 months! *sigh* Anyway, it's not that bad yet, like the first time I had when with Zahra. Maybe because I dah pernah kena so macam cautious sikit. Dah rasa sikit2, terus treat it.

The previous two, I quickly ran hot shower and comb the breast to ease the milk duct, and nurse Emir a lot, and the plugged gone the next day. But this time, it still clogged even I did the hot shower, combing, massage, nurse, pump.. sigh. And it's getting worse. I pump pun dah tak keluar susu. Nasib baik sebelah je.

Later this evening will stop by at the shop to get cabbage and try it. Ni petua orang-orang tua, letak cabbage sampai kering. It will suck out the stuck milk.

Hopefully it will be gone the next day. Now nak dukung Emir pun dah tak boleh, so painful.


  1. salam,

    me kena belah kiri. sampai minta ZwanZwan 'tolong' jadi baby hokey! still tak jalan... sampai ke sudah begitu... hasil output dari 10oz jatuh ke 8... then 5... oh oh oh~

  2. Tatty,
    Tu la..u sampai demam kan. Me still ok ni, smalam letak kobis, JADI!!!