Monday, January 9, 2012

3-months Emir

Update of my newborn, he's 3 months old! And guess how we celebrated it? By giving him rotarix vaccination and 3-months injection! Haha.

He finished the 2nd dosage of rotarix and due for pneumococcal later. We have option whether to do it when he's 4 months or straight to 6 months, so he can skip one dose. Still thinking about it, last time Zahra kitaorg buat mcm tu, skip one dose, but at that time, the risk was lower too. Now ramai contemplating. But the doctor mcm recommend to skip it as he said 2 months fly real fast. Hmm...

Emir with his rotarix

Anyway he took it so well, the oral and the jab. His temperature rose a bit after the injection but since Emir tak merengek, I didn't give the paracetamol. A day after the rotarix, he passed motion 5 times instead of 2. Now dah back to normal.

At 3 months, Emir starts showing signs to turn. He will try very hard to turn himself and manage to lift half of his body already. Sometimes more than half and hour he's pushing himself to turn. So funny muka dia, siap terjatuh2 from bantal/comforter. Masa Zahra dulu tak segigih ni, tiba2 je pusing sendiri.

He is in the phase of eating his own hands. Selalu masukkan the whole fist and sometimes siap nak termuntah.

Burp a lot.

A very smiley baby. The babysitter cakap 'ramah'. Memang ramah, buka-buka mata je senyum. Terjaga tido pun senyum dalam mamai-mamai. So sweeeet. And talk a lot. Like a lot lot lot. If I tegur dia sikit pun berjela-jela dia reply. This is very exciting to see, that my two kids have different characters. It's so true that every baby is not the same, and we human is very unique.

Other than that, Emir is pretty much an easy baby. He sleeps well, kalau dalam kul 11PM tu, sampai pagi lah around 530AM for the next feed. Itu pun tak menangis, just pusing sana sini and rubbing his face. Drinks well.. finally he drinks the milk via bottle at babysitter, good boy! But kalau kat rumah I bagi, terus cebik-cebik.

Even though this entry is about Emir, gambar Zahra and daddy tetap menyelit :P
While waiting for our turn in the clinic, Zahra busy reading to MrComot, siap tangan gerak-gerak.

Emir with mummy

Emir dah terpusing-pusing trying to turn. He was on the pillow and properly sleeping on the comforter. Siap terjatuh-jatuh from it. Align Center

Happy 3-months darling! You sure grow up so fast, that mommy and daddy barely catch up. But one thing for sure, we love you so much. Be a good boy ok! Mwah!!


  1. Tak apa Aan. Walaupun cite psl Emir tp puas ati klu ada pic Zahra sekali! baru best! Heheheh!

  2. :) .Emir sure one cutie u prince mmuah!from auntie and big bro azryl.