Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I want for 2012

I wrote my wishlist in 2011 here, and looking back, I only get one! Anyway, it's fun to list down all the material thingy and somehow it makes me feel jumpy in greeting 2012.

Before we proceed with 2012, lets recap last year's wishlist.

Wanted stuff:
1) color printer - tak beli
2) sewing machine - I got one! Yeay!!! But still tak guna til now. Hmmmpphh!
3) bread maker - tak beli
4) second diamond ring - obviously tak beli hahaha
5) oversea trip - didn't manage to. Zahra sakit and I was pregnant
6) wooden swing - tak beli, tak jumpa yg suka lagi
7) cute utensils for kitchen - tak beli

Needed stuff:
1) Finish entry on Japan trip in 2008 - not yet!
2) Finish album compilation on the honeymoon trip - not yet!
3) Finish making my pregnancy journal with Zahra Elena - not yet! Sampai Emir dah keluar!
4) Edit all the honeymoon trip videos and upload them in youtube - not yet!
5) Print the wedding pictures - Belum!! :(
6) Make 2010 album book - Obviously tak buat huhu. Gotta make it up for 2012 ;)
7) Kemas bilik art (the 3rd bedroom) - Again, obviously tak kemas haha
8) Start my online business - in the middle! :D Gotta sell some of my craft supplies. Will reveal the link nanti.
9) Settle my PTPTN issue - in the middle! Dah bayar some amount to release ;)

10) Gain weight for second child - Dah dapat Emir, tak sempat gain weight
11) Pray better - this will be on-going process :)

Ok so lets jump to what I want for 2012. Some of them are repetitive and some are not, like breadmaker because I don't feel like having it now ;P

What I want for 2012:

1) A color printer

2) Silhouette Cameo

3) Timber flooring for hall

4) Wooden swing

And plus what I need to do:

1) Finish my entries on Japan trip in 2008
2) Finish album compilation on the honeymoon trip
3) Finish my entries on Langkawi trip in early 2011
4) Finish making my pregnancy journal with Zahra Elena
5) Finish making my pregnancy journal with Emir Qalef
6) Edit all the honeymoon trip videos and upload them in youtube
7) Print the wedding pictures
8) Kemas my craft stuff
9) Launch my online store - it's simple on blogspot je, but I have to take pictures, packing, etc etc. It's tedious to me :(
10) Start 365-project!

Two things that most wanted/needed will be:

* Silhouette Cameo - it's retailed at USD$299, well korek tabung insyaAllah cukup nak beli tapi... I feel unfair to buy it because I still haven't use my sewing machine, like WTF kan? Beli mesin jahit tak pakai pastu nak beli mesin potong2 pulak. Even though it serves different purpose, but it drills down to the same thing, do I have the time? So, before I buy it, have to prove to myself that I will use it. In short, I should start sewing! #Mustfindtime&strength.

* Starts 365-project - it's a daily project where u snap pic in your everyday and print it and compile it (can make it short or long, doesn't matter). I plan to compile in paper album (notebook) and put short caption. Over a year, I will have 365 pics of my daily life in 2012! Actually it's the same thing I wanted to do like 2010 album, only the different, I snap everyday and terus print, instead of waiting to compile it in 2013. Already snap the pics, cuma nak tunggu print this weekend. See..procrastinate :P

And funny thing, I don't feel like going anywhere this year. Well, it's too early to tell but for now, I'm excited to start lots lots lots of craft/sewing projects, especially for Zahra and Emir!

Wow.. I am less materialistic in 2012. We'll see hehe.

So how about you guys? What do you want/need in 2012? Share it with me! U can give the link to ur blog entry too. I'm so kepochi to peek into your wish list! :P


  1. Hehehe...

    Semoga tercapai apa yg Aan hajatkan tuh!!


  2. Thanks mommy Fara!! Ntah apa2 list me kan..but takpe..kita tengok hujung tahun ni, tercapai or not hehe.

  3. I have that 365 planned as well but not with pic...will share with you later la on my project. But 5 days have gone and I dont think I can make it 365 la...maybe 330? (Tolak 1 bulan sebab tak pindah habis lagi huu~)

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  5. hie :) kalau beli silhouette cameo kat amazon @ sites lain, shipping ke malaysia biasanya berapa ya?

  6. Hi perfect stranger,
    My friend bouught from with free shipping. Sampai tapi lambat, dlm 1 bulan sbb stuck at kastam kan. If you want to buy ready stock in Malaysia, dalam 1.5 - 1.8K.

  7. owh,okay..rasa secure sikit bila ada org pernah beli..lambat sikit takpe asalkan sampai.hehe anyway,thanks!