Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do you keep your movies?

I have this habit to download all movies that I missed from cinema and keep it like, for ages. The thing is my HDD is not big enough and a day without something moving in my torrent client is such a waste. So, occasionally I will clean up my HDD and still! I couldn't take myself to delete the movies I have watched. I don't know why, mcm ada sentimental feeling gitu. So, I developed another habit to burn movies that I *think* worth to be in the permanent storage.

And keeping it is a challenge for me! As I want it to be nice and look good and presentable. I want ONE movie in ONE cd. So DVD is not an option for me but yet, it's hard to find a CD enough for a movie (once upon a time when I started lah).

Good movie with decent size will always come in dvdrip version and is about 700Mb. Normal CD is about 700Mb and it is not enough for a movie because when you burn it, it will have an overhead about 20Mb or so. Hmm..I'm not sure the exact overhead but my point is, a 700Mb cd can't fit a 700Mb movie.

Then when I found one with 870Mb, it has been my fav ever since!

700Mb vs 870Mb

And I've been a dog to master Melody since day 1 because this brand never give me any problem! (can't burn, scratched, corrupted, etc). I tried high-class CD before like Imation and out of 10 I will get one not working piece.

I also add a bit kegedikan which is using the poster (which can get online for free frm the promo) and print it onto CD sticker (it's a sticker paper in round shape) and voila! My collection look a bit professional, isn't it?

'Pasted' CD :P

The thing is, I don't have a printer. Color printer to be exact. So I have to wait till I get back to the hometown and using my dad's printer for this purpose. Talking about saving cost hahaha. The naked CD will be marked like below;

One of the CD without the cover

Now, my collection is increasing. But as I mentioned before, not all movies RIP in the CDs. Most of them I just delete straight from the HDD. I just burnt movies that I think I might watch it again, sooner or later. Some of the collection that I glad I keep it is like Children of Heaven (Arabs), Run Lola Run (French), Hotel Rwanda and all the cartooonnss. Hahaha. I am a big fan or cartoons. And who doesn't?

The inventory

I have about 10 boxes now which is equal to 60 CDs. Hmm maybe I should do piracy business here. But, nahhh everybody has streamyx/connection now kan.

So, give yourself a treat, download as much as you want.

The only tip here is, find:

1) dvdrip version
2) size will be around 700Mb (ada yg 1.4G but rarely found)
3) in avi/divx format
4) few uploader's name to recommend: aXXo, DiAMOND (just to name a few)

And enjoy your movie!


  1. bolehlah pinjammmmmmmmm!!! :D

  2. me sokong nurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *winking at my lalink*

    btw, u nak balik ke v.mars tu?

  3. Haha Nur boleh boleh. Ur MrBusyuk pun pendownload hebat ok hehe

    Bee lalinkkk. of cos me wannnt backkk the VMars!! It's for my bday okk, with lightscribe lagi haha. U jadi ke nak PS I love u ni?

  4. hahahaha..cisss22, patut me senyap je pasal mars tu :P sah2 la me nak lalink. dah u punye review ck best sgt, me too want to seeeeeeee! :D