Thursday, August 7, 2008

Can you take cold shower?

First of all (cewahhh intro), I would like to change MrComot to Wolfie. Lately, he keeps calling himself Wolfie (and me pwincess, ewahhh) and I find the name is tooo cute. So no more MrComot till I get bored with the new name :D

Btw, that day he said,

Wolfie: We HAVEEE to buy heater too
Me: Ala..kena beli cepat2 ke? We can buy later, after we finish all other thing
Wolfie: Tak boleh. Me kenot mandi nanti
Me: Sooo?? Nnt mesti u tak suka balik rumah my parents sbb takde heater -->motif tiba2 emo?
Wolfie: Noooooo. Balik umah you 2-3 hari je. But our house everyday, me kena ada heater.

I was like...heloooooo??! Tak boleh blahhh okkk org yg tak boleh mandi cold shower.

Hmmm..sometimes I think he is too 'bandar', but that's him kan ;)

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