Tuesday, January 13, 2015

❤ Cloud Costume ❤

So! Remember the I made something-something for Kiddos School?

Recap: I was involved in making mascot costume for my children's kindergarten. They have 5 sports house which is pink, yellow, green, blue and orange.

The sports day was inspired by Japanese sports day - Taiiku No Hi. So basically there are cloud, fire, mother earth, air and water to represent each sports house color.

And today I would like to share with you guys how I made the cloud costume representing the pink sport house color.

This is my first time sharing tutorial so I miss few pictures to show you what I did but basically you'll get the picture I hope.

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E isn't it?

Basically, these are the tools that I used:
  • Felt
  • Loose fibre / polyfill
  • Adhesive Spray
  • Spray paint

As I don't really have the exact measurement of the wearer, I took my Emir's pyjama (he's 3yo and in PINK team) for rough measurement and fold blue felt into two, and sketch the bubbly cloud free-hand.

Cut the two pieces of felt to resemble basic shape of the cloud 

 Sew side by side and two pieces of elastic on top of the bubbly cloud.

Sorry no real picture, but basically it's something like this. The elastic has to connect to two pieces so that the wearer can wear it like an overall.

 I used spray adhesive to stick the loose fibre (polyfill) to the felt pieces

 Do it slowly one side each time

 Like so! 

 And you need to touch up for prominent holes. Spray more adhesive and stuff more fibre at the gaps. This seriously need time, so take your time.

 Until you satisfied with the outcome

 And put on your child just for fun. Zahra is kinda tall for a 4yo, so the costume looks small for her. I asked her to pose nicely and she gave me this face. Oh well....

On a second thought, it looks more like a sheep than a cloud. But...never mind =D

 Then I spritz some pink spray paint (as it is pink sports house remember?) which makes it more like a sheep *roll eyes*

Sheep or not, it is sooooo adorable!! The elastic was kinda low, so the teacher knot them up. Perfect!

 A cloud among others

And can you notice that the cloud has rainbow legging? Suuuuperrrr adorable!!

It's pretty easy to make but the cons is, the fibre couldn't hold throughout the event and decided to fall off slowly *insert horror face here*. Imagine how panic I was...I mean, he is a mascot and the costume is falling apart. Oh noooooooooo......I feel like running into the performance area and fix it up haha.

Actually, the spray adhesive is pretty strong but the fibre is kinda hollow and it just break randomly.

I was so excited about this project and IG/FB-ed about it, and made a contest even! Under hashtag #imadecostumewoohooooo and #guessthecostumecontest if you would like to see it.

So, the guesses was

  • olaf
  • biri-biri (sheep)
  • a wig
  • para-para yassin senario (even I don't know what's that haha)
  • cotton candy
  • clown
  • burung helang (an eagle)

Soo..sooo...soooo funny!! LOL!

Ok..so that's it. What do you think about my cloud costume? Be honest! I won't bite! =D

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