Monday, January 12, 2015

Big 5

My eldest one turns big 5 last Saturday *cliche mode: how fast time flies*

But makes my heart flutter because I just have couple more years with her as a toddler, before she grows into kid, going to real school and that will be a different phase for us. By the time she got into school, no more pampering like a baby and I need to start focusing on disciplining her. Can it wait for..few more years? *sigh*

And it seems my ambition to stay at home, be with her won't be fulfilled until she got into school...or will never be fulfilled? I'm not sure, we don't really have aims for that. But seriously, deep inside, I want to be stay at home mom, raising the family. I know I still can be a mom while working, but this is my wish. Sigh.. a never ending issue ;)

So anyway, we plan to make small party in February since my FIL will be much better (he is still recovering now) and my mom and dad plan to come down too. So, we didn't say anything to her about party or birthday. She knows her birthday is in January, but really don't count the date. It was late in the afternoon when I decided, jom lah, throw some simple dinner for her and that's it, we went to Baskin Robbins to get icecream cake. She picked the rose design and didn't even suspect it since we said the cake is for nainai (grandma).

I made simple dinner..brought it to my PIL's house and we dine like normal occasion. Then when she was in other room, we switch off the light and light up the candle and then called her up said we wanted to go back, and when she reached the dining hall, everybody scream "happy birthday Zahra!!!" 

The funny thing is, we were debating during the meal, is she really don't suspect anything or just acting not to know about the surprise. Not to suspect, is so not her because she was blabbering about her birthday weeks before. But to act not suspicious over too smart for a 5yo.

Anyway, by the look of her face, she is indeed surprised with the surprise. Oh boy..the innocent face and happiness like, "is this really for me?" is priceless. Nasib baik buat jugak birthday dia. Kalau tak mesti sedih hehe.

Our spread by yours truly

Baked chicken wing, slightly overcooked, lol

Instant baked pasta, from this recipe

Leafy and stuff, sprinkled with chia seed. I made orange vinaigrette for dressing.

Emir is giving speech, as the brother haha. Seriously I don't know what he said but Zahra seems so fascinated with it

Nainai and her uncle bought some gifts

Emir not excluded! Kena beli for 2 nowadays, kalau tak..kesian hehe
Anyway, it was a very last minute plan that we didn't get her anything pun. But we did bought present time to time for them, plus a couple of weeks ago, she discovered three toys that I bought during the Mattel warehouse sale, which I plan to take out slowly one by one when the time is right. THREE! Dang my precious savers. So basically she didn't ask, where's present from mommy and daddy. As long as she gets a present, it's good enough.


Happy birthday sayang! You have no idea how much joy you brought into my life. If I ever think that I am wise and strong, I was wrong! You taught me patience and selfless love.

And thank you Allah for giving me the chance to have her. I will try my best to improve my life everyday in order to raise her as a good khalifah.

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  1. Happy birthday Zahra Elena! May you grow up to become a beautiful and obedient daughter. Moga-moga impian mummynya menjadi kenyataan :)