Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rain and Rainbow

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So many things happen in last few weeks.. both happy and sad thing. Well, depends on how you see those thing is I guess. Even if it is a sad thing, it maybe a blessing in disguise. Like what orang Kelantan/Terengganu always say,  "mujor" as in Thank God.

If you had an accident and break your leg "mujor patah kaki saja bukan patah leher"
If somebody died in a bad accident "mujor mati terus, takde hidup seksa"

Ok so basically this what happen in my life within last few weeks.

1) My FIL had a heart attacked, did and angiogram and found that the main arteries blocked 100% on one side and 98% on the other side. They had to do emergency bypass (emergency as really emergency, not even wait for a week to monitor the condition because he had another attack after that). Thank God the operation went well and he is recovering now.

Ok, now interesting facts about blocked arteries 

(disclaimer: you might want to read further, don't take 100% from me who is, doctor what? Even though I got the facts from doctors but it might have other dependencies. Anyho, it might trigger your interest, so dig deeper if you need to)

We always been fed that blocked arteries is because of cholesterol right. But the real culprit is the sugar. Each body acts differently towards sugar/carbs, so if your body is not okay with it, the arteries will swell, and then that's when the cholesterol will stuck at the arteries when it tries to pass by. If your sugar level is ok (ie: your arteries is not swelling, the cholesterol will pass by unstuck).

So you might want to monitor your sugar/carbs intake :)

2) My hensem boy turns 3 last Oct 2014..but according to Malaysian Education which followed by year, he is 4yo in 2015 and starts the 4yo syllabus for his kindergarten activity. Which is fine by me.... except the fact that he doesn't talk yet. Well.. which is kinda fine too because some kids just start talking later right.. it's just I feel sad for him as other kids can converse quite well, and he couldn't. 

His 2014 kindergarten report also not that encouraging. He likes to do his own stuff and quite aloof. I think most probably because he couldn't express himself in words. So we decided to bring him to speech therapy session.

We did the first evaluation Kidsogenius in PJ and Alhamdulillah, he shows no symptom of autism. The only problem is speech delay. And most probably because I don't really talk to him and he has little vocab.

So the plan is to bring him to speech therapy session which will be for 45mins on weekend. But since we quite busy last few weeks, we put it on hold for a while.

I also set an appointment with hospital Sg Buloh for another evaluation but the waiting list is very long and only manage to get a slot in March.

So that's what occupied me during my hiatus. On the brighter side, I involved in another project for the kiddos school!!

Ughhhh, quite long story, and old one too! If you are on my instagram. I've posted it all!!

Haha..anyway, basically, I was asked to make close to 100 gnomes costume for the kindergarten children, for their new year party!!!

And given a very short time, within 2 weeks. It was crazy I told you. Between the costume and my FIL got sick, and Emir's speech therapy. My plate is overload.

Thank God my husband helped a lot (like taking care his father, he does it all!)...but towards end the day he said something like this:

"I prefer you to do your craft thing in relax pace. Now you seem to be in your "craft world" and don't really care about other thing"

Ouch..he must feel neglected right?

And yes he is! Including the kids! Kesian ok...semua jadi macam anak terbiar during the final week. I hardly pay attention to them, and the house was on chaos.

But now my costume project is done, I'm starting to take things slowly. 

So...that's what been happening in my life couple of weeks ago.

Hope I will serve 2015 better!

And will blog better! LOL.

Now I think I owe this space lotsa thing right..the costumes on sports day, costumes on new year, kedai sebelah, etc.

Woa..the result of procrastinating. 


No more procrastination in 2015. Er..I'll try harder. It's hard to kick a habit :D


  1. Aan, remember Pahat had the same problem with speech delay when he was 4. We went to ent and no problem with his hearing. Lps tu pegi analysis behavior kena interview dgn health visitor, to make sure he is not autism. then went to just 1 session of speech therapy. Tu je yg sempat pegi before balik malaysia. Suprisingly bila balik malaysia dia berkawan dengan sepupu dia, dalam masa 2 bulan he can talk quite well! Sekarang dah lancar bercakap. Dont worry too much!

    1. Tq ilot. Mula2 I tak worry..but started to worry sebab dia pegi kindy, still in his own space, so macam kesian. Anyway we went for hearing test too, all clear. But yeah..try not to worry much, since different kids have different development kan. Hopefully he can talk soon!