Monday, March 23, 2015

Speak Up, not....yet ;)


I seriously considering to close this blog for good due to time commitment. And yet, I have so many ideas to do in my head, like making youtube channel, like, heloooooooooo! Your blog is barely breathing and yet, another fast pace media? I know I know..too ambitious, but if you know me..well, that's me!

So I guess, no more procrastination (I think I've said this millionth time! Duh!)

Anyway, I think sometime you need a little push in your life to kick you out of the comfort zone. As in my condition currently, my comfort zone is my head.

Many things happen, but none of them get to get me write in here, until latest incident with my handsome boy.

So what's up with him?

Nothing much, he still cheeky, playful, bright, and handsome lad, except that he doesn't say much, as of his age now, 3 1/2yo.

Wait, he does talk, but most of the time, I couldn't get him and he doesn't have that much vocab accordingly to his age.

As per mentioned previously, we went to a private evaluation and confirmed that he is not autistic, only just a little delayed in his speech. That was in last November. I was thinking to bring him to speech therapist. Then things got a little busy and finally I get to set an appointment with government hospital (Hospital Sg Buloh) for an evaluation.

The story as not quite simple. It started in January 2014. I was quite worried he still didn't say much (he was 2 1/2yo that time) so my regular paed referred me to ENT as that is the first preliminary in speech delay. So we went to Tropicana Medical Centre and as per checkup, his hearing looks fine except there is a liquid in his ears. But the liquid is quite normal for kids with flu and somehow will go away, and coincidentally he had a flu during the test.

But still, doc gave me a referral to Hospital Sg Buloh as they are one of the best audiologist in Malaysia. 

And being the reckless me, I thought the fluid will go away, and time got us..busy with work and whatnot, then it's in March 2015 (yes, that's now :-/) that I get to see the audiologist. I still don't worry about his hearing because he seems fine, so I made and appointment with Otorinolaringologi (pheww, I had to google that department) for a speech evaluation.

Based on the evaluation, it's determined that his understanding is at par with his age (3-4yo) but his speech is kinda delayed (at 1yo). So doc is quite worried and he needs to go for speech therapist.

And the funny thing is, I need to see audiologist (based on last referral) but I forgot to make an appointment for that, and for government hospital, you need months for an appointment. I just made appointment for the speech therapy because I ASSUME his hearing is alright. But thank God, I brought all related letters, including the expired referral (Jan 2014, one year ago) and the nurse caught that and point out that I have to see audiologist as well.

Since we already there, she make a few call and managed to squeeze in a slot for us straight away for audiology test. God bless you sister! *sniffles*

So we see Dr Aziany where did some test that includes shooting some wave into the ears and found that his ear drum doesn't react well. 

Ok let me explain it in simple way

fluid in ear

So! When a sound enters the ear, it will hit the ear drum, where the ear drum will vibrate to emphasize the sound. 

In Emir's case, the ear drum is flat (doesn't vibrate) because there is a fluid/liquid (called middle ear fluid) in front of it that resist the vibration.

And again, it could happen if your kids have flu/cough/on medication/etc. And coincidentally again, Emir has minor flu that day so it's kinda uncertain that how long the fluid been there.

Flu or not, the fluid shouldn't been there more than 2 months because it cause hearing loss and hence, will disrupt child's speech.

And looking at last year result, where the he already has the middle ear fluid, doctor wasn't really happy about it.

She also did some hearing test and found he has mild to moderate Type B hearing loss :(

So, we need to see ENT to check further and clear the fluid but too bad the slot is only available in June. So we opt for private ENT and that is scheduled end of this week.

The vibration reading is flat. It should have a peak when the wave is shoot through the ear.

So that pretty much sum up about my handsome boy.

Even though it's treatable and not too late to start with speech therapy, I still feel bad that I didn't take this thing seriously. But, he doesn't show any indicator of hearing impaired. He turned when I call and responded to my instruction. Except he always put the iPad speaker at max. Sigh.

Pray for us too will ya!

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