Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Love You Daddy!

This year is the 3rd year MrComot being a dad and he's playing his role well. He helps me raise the kids, not only by providing materials but also involves with their developments. He plays with them, talks to them and take good care with their well being and emotions. Sometimes I even feel that he spoils the kids a lil bit. 

Anyway, we made this handmade card for MrComot last weekend. I wanted to make a special and nice looking card but couldn't fit the time so I was thinking, well, it doesn't has to be perfect, as long as something from his loved one and it will be better if something from his own child!

And since Zahra lovessss menyibuk with my craft stuff so it's a good combo for me, make something for MrComot and do some craft activity with Zahra. Killing two birds with one stone. And it's also an excuse for me not to cook, I mean, hellooo sorry darling, I'm busy playing (or homeschooling!) your daughter ok. So today is my break haha. That'll be 3 birds! Ok..enough merepek.

So I let Zahra loose with the scissors, glue, blings, papers and stuff. I let her choose all the color she wants, trace her hand, cut it out, cut a heart out of felt, glued them altogether and guide her hand to write all the wordings.

She chose green as the hand then busy cutting other paper. I wanted to scream when she pulled out my nice teal and pink card-stock and cut them into pieces, but why spoil the moment. So I just let her.. gunting je laaaa Zahra. She said she's making a gift for her friend Isya. Oh ya, I haven't tell you yet, she has an imaginary friend now named Isya. They go to Giant together, buy vitagens, go to school and stuff. And recently, Isya gotten married and have a baby, so that's why she's making the present. O-o-o-o-kaaayyy!

Teaching her how to use glue 

It's a star shaped sequins 

Done! I asked her to post with the card for daddy and she gave me this cheeky face.

Happy father's day to my favourite man! You've been such a wonderful father that I couldn't have ask for more.

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