Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Big Princess

My princess has turned to a big princess, because she is potty trained now!

The best part is, I didn't plan for it at all, because I am lazy like that, and I am so happy that she wants the diaper out voluntarily.

Honestly I was a bit intimidated because she is already 3yo and most of my friends' kids already diaperless, you know.. peer pressure. Then one of the auntie was so surprised that she is still in diaper that she squeeled "She's 3 and she still not dry?". Hahaha I know rightttt... I wanted to train her, but my plate is full so I just let her stay with the diaper.

Until one day, a few weeks after her 3rd birthday, I just casually said:

"Zahra..zahra tak payah pakai pampers la. Zahra dah big girl. Orang lain tak pakai pampers"
"Mommy, Adam tak pakai pampers!" (referring to one of the kids at babysitter's)
"Aah Adam tak pakai pampers, Zahra clever, tak pakai pampers jugak"
"Zahra tanak pakai pampers la"
"Betul ni? Hari ni tak payah pakai"
"Betul. Tanak pakai lah"

So when she literally agreed, I think ok la, it is ON! I know I can't really believe her, a 3yo word but I took my chances to go diaperless that day and asked her every hour if she wants to go to the toilet.

And guess what? She did it! For real! And just-like-that! She peed in the toilet and diaperless the whole day. I am so proud of my princess!

It's almost 2 months she is diaper-free now, except during the night. I haven't train her that one. And also for big job - berak. She still request to poo in the diaper. I tried to persuade her to poo in the toilet, it works occasionally, depends on the mood I guess. Because if she poo in the diaper, she get to do it while watching playing with the iPad lol.

As for the pee part, it is excellent, but there were few times that she missed, especially during the afternoon nap time where I forgot to put her in the diaper, so it's tolerable.

To celebrate her achievement, I bought her special brief with all the Disney princesses print. Found it at H&M and the pack has 7 cute brief with different patterns and colors. It has Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White & Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Cinderella and Rapunzel. PS: Do you know one of the perk of being a mom with girls, you will somehow remember all the princess name efforlessly! No kidding! I never knew all the Disney princesses before.

She beamed with pride every time I put her this brief (or spentot as she calls it) and I let her choose which character she wants to wear for that day. It's kinda cute you know, "Hari ni Zahra nak....cinderella la!"

But the problem arise when the character is worn yesterday and she request for it again. For example when she is so obsessed with Rapunzel, everyday nak Rapunzel. But I just casually said,

"Rapunzel kotor la, Zahra dah pakai yesterday, busuk, mommy kena wash dulu"
"Oooo busuk ye, mommy wash lah"

The conversation happens like almost every day haha. Funny ok.

Now she used to it and understands better, that she doesn't mind which princess I put on her. She is one truly big princess!


  1. so proud of Zahra!
    er mummy, beli 1 pek lagi la spentot tu. so bleh pakai rapunzel back-to-back...

    oh... disney's princess ada banyak dan makin bertambah... contoh: Sofia from Sofia the First; Merida from Brave (my fav!)... and on and on and on...

    tak masuk lagi barbie... Aaaargh.

  2. hehe tu la tatty, me dah beli another pack but semua rapunzel! sofia the first me baru tengok, comel je. Merida tu mmg rebel! Sesuai dgn u haha