Thursday, May 2, 2013

La Bodega's Sauteed Mushroom

Just want to share this one simple recipe. I'm not even sure if it's correct, but it tastes the same, so that will do for now :)

We went to La Bodega's about a couple of weeks ago for some heart birthday luncheon with my friends. It was my idea to go there since none of us ever taste Spanish food or go to La Bodega, and reading some raves on the internet, well, we decided to give a try.

Being a first timer, we chose the menu carefully, basically the typical food like sauteed mushroom in butter (their tapas selection). It is served with a basket of bread and the mushroom is a dip.

And oh's so yummy! Well, anything mushroomy always yummy :D

Anyway, I checked out the menu's description and it's written, mushroom sauteed with butter, garlic and parsley. The simple ingredient really amuses me, I mean, how come only 3 ingredients can give the bursting flavor. I suspect they cheat the menu and put some cream or milk.

Then, I bought a packet of white button mushroom and tried it at home, just for the sake of curiosity  and tell you what, it's real! I mean, only with the 4 ingredients. Amazeballs.

La Bodega's sauteed mushroom. 

My mushroom. Look the same right? Taste the same too!

Ok, I know this is ridiculously easy, but I'm gonna write it here, well, for fun, because it is easy to type too hehehe.

1 packet of fresh white button mushroom (250g)
Quarter of butter (I just used buttercup)
Chopped parsley (I used dried parsley flakes)
4 cloves of garlic - sliced

How To:
Dump the butter together with the garlic under medium fire
Wait till it sizzles a bit (to get the garlic infused butter flavour)
Then dump the sliced button mushroom
Stir stir stir
Basically the mushroom will be soaked in the butter.
Dump the parsley.
Stir stir stri
The mushroom will be soaked even more, due to the water excess from the mushroom
Sprinkle some salt and maybe flour to thicken it up. But it's nice at it is..depends on your consistency preference.
Serve it hot and dip it right away!

We had chicken porridge that night, so dengan chicken porridge pun jadi. But sangat pelik la the combo hahaha.

Anywayyyyyy..after finishing the whole bowl buttery stuff without hesitation *cough* *cough* something strucked me, ooohhh myyy Goddd, what have I done to my artery!

Haha not that dramatic actually, considering I've gobbled a slab of 250g whole butter that is turned to choc-chip cookies. So a quarter is nothing right?

But you can't see that slab of butter in your cookies. On the other hand, it's really a show-off with your sauteed mushroom, so it kinda scares me. So I think I should substitute half of the butter with EVOO in the future. Maybe it won't taste the same, but something worthy to try.

Ok, enough about the mushroom, lets back to the La Bodega's, I was feeling fancy and decided to order the seafood paella

And guess what, rasa macam nasi goreng tomyam je! Not that it wasn't not nice, in fact it was delish but RM70 for "nasi goreng tomyam"? Ughhh.. I know cooking paella is not the same as we cook our fried rice, but oh well, it doesn't matter to me. Haha..I guess, that's why I wasn't born as a Spaniards.

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