Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dim Sum @ Spring Garden, Tropicana Golf Club

We had a yummilicious dim sum feast with MrComot's family last Sunday at Spring Garden, Tropicana Golf Club. To make it double yummilicious, this is our first eat out after Tony Romas incident, about 2 months ago I think, where both of us serik dah nak makan luar. Tak tahan melayan kelasakan hensem boy, lembik sangat mommy ni haha. So, when my MIL invite us for this lunch, I was so happy sebab dah lama tak makan luar and it will be easier for us since we have extra hands, where we can take turns to entertain the kids, which also means I get to enjoy the food, itu yg penting mwahahaha. Kalau tak, makan mcm orang kebulur je, kunyah pun tak, nak cepat punya pasal.

I had few dim sums before this but at normal shop which is more like instant dim sum with limited choice. So when the baskets arrive, I gobbled every type of the dim sums and they are so yummy! My most favorite will be the yam ball. The yam is mashed so creamily, melt in my mouth, with cheesy prawn filling. The ball is fried and has a light crispy coating. Nyum!! Highly recommended!

They also had chicken feet dim sum, braised in soy sauce and I love this one too! The chicken feet is the gemuk2 type, so puas hati makan, ada byk isi. By the way, I always love chicken feet so u can skip this opinion haha.

The first round. We had another round of baskets after that but my hands are full, and so my mouth LOL!

Had it with Pu Er tea and it's an excellent combo! So refreshing. It's refillable and I think I drank more than 4 cups.

The kids as usual, being the fussy eater, refused everything. EVERYTHING. Even the fish porridge that we specifically ordered for them *sigh*. Zahra ate a small portion of fishball and Emir just had my milk haha. Ok that young man I don't know what's up with him last weekend. He doesn't want to eat anything instead of direct feeding. So I've been a full time cow last week, and a dried one.

MrComot with his girlfriend 

Mommy with the munchkins!

The basket price ranging from RM5 - RM8, but but but if you go during the weekdays, all basket is at RM3.90 nett! That's very cheap! I'll grab all the prawn filling, and the yam ball of course!

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