Monday, April 29, 2013

My Sleeping Child

I have so many stories to share, tengah kumpul mood untuk tulis semua. Anyway dah lama tak update pasal the kids.

The kids are sooo cute these days. They have grown up and  it's easier to manage them nowadays. Easier but still tiring. We still avoid eating outside though because handsome boy still in the 'lasak' phase and can't sit still in the baby chair. But it's small matter only as I love being home with them :)

Anyway want to share about their current sleeping style. Zahra refused to sit in the baby chair these few weeks. She will sleep in the chair when we going to work but during the evening, she wants to sit on normal seat so MrComot had to take it out and plugged it back the next morning, like everyday. So we decided to take it off permanently and change her sleeping position.

We folded the third row and cleared the boot, put all the bags on the second row and set a nice thick kekabu mattress for Zahra to sleep in and she snores off to Disneyland!

 Tengok mcm mana dia tido, when we reached the babysitter's. Lentok habis.

I still have this fear that the bunk will open up during the journey and she fall off but technically it's impossible right? Unless something is wrong with this car. Hope not!

And look how my handsome boy rocks his car seat?

This is his current fav pose, whenever we put him on the seat. 

It always ticklish to see him like this,  macam alahaiii pose macho sangat! Ohh my sweethearts!

By the way. have you guys ganti puasa? Today is my first day ganti puasa and I am so hungryy!! I knowww I knoww not good. If you haven't, ganti cepat...Ramadhan is like 2 months away! Gambattenne!

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