Thursday, June 20, 2013

Emotional Princess

Had this situation last night, when we picked the kids up from babysitter: -

Zahra was drinking plain water from the water bottle and she's been sharing with Emir for quite some times, forgot to buy one each. Emir wants to drink as well, so I request Zahra to give it to Emir. Normally she will just give it to her little brother but yesterday tanak. Mati-mati tanak. I dah pujuk macam-macam pun tanak.

Emir was already crying that time.

I said elok-elok:
Kesian Emir, Emir dahaga..nanti dia nanges lama-lama tekak dia berdarah
Kesian Emir, Emir kan adik kecik Zahra. Zahra tak sayang Emir ke.

I even bribed her:
Zahra, kalau Zahra bagi Emir, mommy beli bekas baru kat Zahra, kaler pink, cantik!

Pun she refused to budge and get angry.

Lastly I was so fed-up and I threatened her:

"Ok, Zahra tanak bagi Emir, mommy taknak cakap dengan Zahra. Mommy cakap dengan Emir je"

Then I sit quietly at the co-pilot seat and she's behind sitting next to Emir, still holding her tumbler tightly.

After a few minutes of silence, I turn my head and casually ask Zahra about her daily life at the babysitter's.

Mommy: Zahra...Zahra buat apa dekat rumah mak hari ni?
Zahra: Mommy tanak cakap dengan Zahra. Zahra sedih tau (while making sad face)

I was like, whattt? WHAATTTTT?

That came out unexpectedly and I was so surprised. Tak sangka my princess is sensitive and pick whatever I said. I mean, I thought she will just brush it off since she ignores everything I said earlier.

And I find that it's so clever of her to feel and said those stuff. For a 3 year old kid.

I quickly grab her and rub her back and apologize to her and told her that I won't be mad again and I will speak to her. Then she quickly give the tumbler to Emir and exclaim happily:

"Mommy! Tengok Zahra dah bagi Emir air."

Haish la anak. I think she just got jealous with Emir...well one of the days. Time really flies and she's becoming more mature now. Whatever it is, she'll be my small baby, always.

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