Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Parents Room @ Chitta Mall

Still about Chitta Mall :)

We found this parents room when we were wandering around. It's located at the first floor, well you'll find it easily because Chitta Mall tak besar sgt, just follow the directory. We drop by before Maghrib to let Zahra play there and to BF Emir.

Small playground in the parents room. Zahra happily conquering the area as there are not many kids there. In fact, ada sorang je that time.

 The toilet, below 6 years only.

For parents with kids. Looks clean, most probably because it's still new. You know la the condition of most public toilet, I really don't get it how the seat can have footprints? Kalau nak cangkung, masuk tandas cangkung la kan..jangan la cangkung at toilet duduk *sigh*

Wash your hands! Bagus..we have to teach them about hygiene from the young age. 

Nursing Room

 It's shared though. Can fit 3 mommies/babies at the same time. I find it too crowded and not privacy enough. I prefer nursing room in OU and The Curve. They have 3 nursing rooms, so 3x3 can fit 9, that's a lot of hungry babies at one time hehe.

The diaper changing area

It looks nice on overall but maybe because it's new. Hopefully they can maintain the condition in the future. The best parents room I've been so far will be the one in OU. Siap ada TV area for the kids ok! Not that we will love lounging there to watch TV but it will help to kill the boredom for the daddy while waiting for mommy to breastfeed the baby. And the nursing room siap ada buaian. That one I wonder who's going to use it. Like, for real? I've tried it once on Zahra, just for the sake of trying, but it was very weird haha. I mean, buaian in a mall? 

Oh ya, they got bigger playground for kids somewhere else but we didn't look out for it because it was a brief stop only and already time for dinner. 


  1. kat area mana parents room kt ou. mostly saya pg kt dalam parkson or dalam jusco jerk.

  2. tak ingat exactly but dekat belah TGV..turun escalator, jalan straight, dekat area2 ATM

  3. nice place..kt utara ni br nak educate psl nursing room.. tak byk tmpt yg ada nursing room...