Thursday, June 14, 2012

A date at beanieplex

Finally after so longggg stuck with 4..we took a day leave to enjoy each other company. We decided to try out the new cinema in Sunway Pyramid, The Beaniplex. They replace the normal seat with a plush bean bags. Ok, it's not that plush but it's sooo big! You have to purchase a whole seat (RM38) and can bring in 2 adults + 2 kids maximum. So it will be nice for family time but I think mcm sempit sikit kut for 4 people. 2 adults will be just nice :)

However, the movie shown in Beanieplex is limited. We had options of Dark Shadow n MIB III so obviously I chose DS because of *ahem* Johny Depp. We wanted to watch The Avengers (I knowww it is sooo yesterday) but tak ada for beaniplex, so kena download la..bila la nak tengok *sigh*

Me on the seat. I thought it's gonna be like plushie high seat, but it's seated right on the floor. Macam futon..bukan mcm katil on divan. It snugs your body right away but still tak best for MrComot because his leg is quite long, so he can't stretch it like I do.

Shoes, popcorn, handbag. 

Overall it's a nice cinema for dating-dating. Better than premier seat. But I think the best place to watch movie is in your room, cuddled and order in-lunch. You can watch any kind of movies to infinite. In our case, it will be up to 5PM only, then we have to pick up the kids :)


  1. I tried the one in tgv penang. That one however is just like bed, quite huge and i think cheaper too. Cannot remember how much exactly but i dont think we paid that much. Oohh, syam manage to sleep during the whole movie, so comfy i guess.ehehhe

  2. huiii best la aan..
    tp patut depa bagi hak tempat duduk cmni kat org kawin je..

  3. tu dia, sorang dah habaq ada orang tidoq kat 'kerusi' tu. kompom me ngan azwan tak bleh pi. dah la azwan punya dengkur mcm keretapi daaa...

    me rasa 2 adult, 2 kids muat la Aan. awak dan suami slim-melim ma. lain la me, azwan, elia-bam-bam dan eiman yg melompat jer kerjanya tu. hehehehe

  4. waah..xpenah tgk..nk kena p try gak ni sekali..mcm best je..masuk dlm tu lena..haha..

    p/s: kena amik cuti sehari buat mcm ni gak..feeling2 bujang..hehe..

  5. Fiena,
    Haha kalau boleh tido tu mmg comfy habis. This one macam mahal but for couple I think worth it, comparing if u have to buy couple seat or premium class kan.

    A'ah patutnya org dah kawen tapi panggung wayang mesti tak kisah punya..janji derang dpt duit kan huhuhu

    Bawak Eiman tgk madagascar! Mesti dia suka. Lompat2 pun takpe sbb seat jauh2, so tak kacau org sangat hehe

    Memang kena amik cuti..kalau tak susah nak dating feeling2 bujang. Tapi cuti pun kejap je, kul 5 dah kena fikir nak amik anak hehe