Friday, June 15, 2012

New Phone

If you know me well, you'll know that how much I love my Nokia XpressMusic 5800 and been using it for 3 years plus. That's a very long time considering a smartphone's lifetime. I wrote so many thing about what my phone able to do (labeled under Entertainment) and feel very sad that I have to part off with it now. It has served me wonderfully but the time has come. 

The screen went off last month and I repaired it for RM120. Then I think the repairmen didn't assemble it correctly so the phone keep on shutting off by itself. I was tempted to repair it again but then MrComot said, it's about time we change the phone too. Symbians are slowly dying, the hardware is old and there are so many things to explore with the Android.

So yeah..I decided to buy new phone. Then comes the dilemma, what phone to buy. I was very very tempted to by iPhone 4S, siap cari the casing lagi and found my love here (owl's anicase). I even emailed them if they ship to Malaysia, that's how close I am to buy iPhone 4S. Then there is a rumour that Samsung SIII is coming out, so 4S competitor, Samsung S11's price will go down. So I wait for a while and BAM! SIII comes out and SII went down from same price with 4S to around RM1500. That's a huge marked down!

So I was thinking again again again to get SII or 4S because of the price different but I love 4S so much (what a indecisive!), then one day when we were walking in Giant KD, passed by Maxis centre and saw the SIII, touch a bit, slide here and there, I am sold! It's decided, not SII or 4S, it's going to be SIII!

And the best part is, we got both ourself the same phone! Haha... I think it's about time pun. Both of us are heavy internet user, so we need something fast and powerful to deliver all the browsing and access. 

My SIII. It's too new that no cute casing available. Yg ada pun the boring leather case and skin-jelly case. So I put it in passport sleeve that I bought from Tote Boutique eons ago.

Both of us bought the pebble blue. The blue color is so nice and mesmerizing under different lights. Bye-bye XpressMusic. I'm gonna miss you so much! I've blogged from the phone quite a sum.

Ok lets talk about the phone. I think no need to elaborate much because it's already spreaded all over the internet. However, from my point of view as 'bimbo' user who is not a nerd and don't care much about the OS, I'll write down what I love most:
  • It's super fast - It's quad core processor, 1G memory. So the apps can multitask.
  • Browsing is very fast and entertaining - This is combo of Celcom unlimited data plan + unified wifi + bigger screen. The screen is bigger than SII/4S and slightly smaller than Samsung Notes.
  • Camera is super fast! - This it the perk of the apps! Imagine you saw something nice and you want to take picture of it, then you keluarkan your phone and eh eh..lag la pulak. With SIII, it's almost an instant. Like seriously. Tab camera, tab snap! Tak sempat fikir pun dah snap. Love love love this capability so much! Especially when I want to take pictures of my kids. You know how kids are, they move a lot and fast. So finally I have something that can capture all the moment I want. I even cancel my plan to buy new compact camera because I don't think I'll need it anymore.
  • Gorilla Screen - This one memang sesuai untuk org yg cemerkap macam I hehe. The phone is protected by Corning's Gorilla glass which is super hard and unbreakable. just a few points coming from me because I'm no fussy user. Yang penting I can use it hassle-free.

But for MrComot, he is pretty excited about it. The first thing he wants to do it rooted it. I don't know what gives but it is something like you being a root in the Android and you can do anything with it. Like, anything. Ok, I can't really imagine because I don't know what else I want to do with it haha. So just let the nerds enjoy it their way ;)

There is another story about my passport sleeve. I bought this before I conceived Emir, I planned to go somewhere else..then I was pregnant, and Emir was delivered. So it has been more than a year baru I pakai passport sleeve ni, as my SIII sleeve. Berguna jugak menda ni akhirnya hehe.. Don't you think it's cute? It's soooo me!

It's been two weeks and I'm enjoying the phone very much. The only drawback is I don't really have time to 'belek' it because I have to belek 2 kids at home, so I just use it for browsing, emails, FB, and camera. Haven't have the chance to explore all the apps. MrComot already installed a few apss for me, but tak sempat tengok betul2.

To XpressMusic 5800, thank you so much for all the wonderful jobs delivered and the relationship built between us. You've done so much in the past years and you didn't deserve to be sold as secondhand. So am gonna keep you in my drawer, even though you'll just sleep doing nothing. 

Ps: Oh ya, anyway, if you are trying to transfer all the contacts from your Symbians phone to Android phone, all you need to do is export business card, and done, all will be transferred. That's done by MrComot. Tell me if it's not successful.


  1. alamak..kita teruja..maria dok fikir nak beli iphone or notes..hehe..

  2. Sadly to say aan, i am not an IT freak.Sebab tak terkejar rasanya kalu nak browse sesaje kat umah.Berharap kat office nyer internet jer.But here memang cepat pun..hehehe.Me sungguh cheapskate.
    Time confinement nantilah kot sangap sikit dok umah.huhuhu....time tu kena consider beli tab

  3. omg bestnya!!!! and i so so so sooooo love ur passport sleeve cum phone puch. it's too cute!

  4. Maria, skrg ni ramai betul pakai notes. Penangan tengok citer korea hehehe.

    Lin, memang tak terkejar. Me ni dah kira keperluan sbb my phone mmg nyawa2 ikan.

    Drama Mama, comel kan? Kalau la pandai menjahit hehe..

  5. You really chose well by going with S3, as even with the S4 being out for a few months now, it performs quite the same as the S3. The biggest difference that I’ve noticed when I tried my friend’s S4 is the weight, the new one being quite lighter than the former.

    Joanna @