Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meatworks @ Chitta Mall

My MIL invited us for dinner to celebrate my birthday and I have to decide where we want to eat. Naturally I have no idea what to eat or where to eat because with two kids in hands, rasa malassss sangat nak keluar. Nak pegi The Curve or Sunway Damansara, aduhh boring jugak. That's our playground now because it's the nearest. And when my MIL said Chitta Mall, I was thinking, finally! Haha..at least we get to eat somewhere new. This is my first time checking out the new mall.

Anyway, nothing to shout about the mall, it's not that big but cozy enough for parents with kids to wander off. Eatineries pun OK, got chillis, chawan, wondermilk (the delicious cupcake), san fran coffee, subang seafood (we discovered this later, they have big aquariums of live seafood just like other big seafood restaurant, but in a mall!), etc. 

Since we don't know where to eat, we just walk around until we found Meatworks and ha! I haven't tried Meatworks, so Meatworks it is!

They provide varies of cuts where u can buy it freshly from their butchery kitchen or order the cooked one from the menu.

The entrance

First thing first, suap the kids first. Rule of thumb to have a peaceful eating out dinner, make sure your kids are full. Hungry man is angry man, right.

I made garlic pasta with eggs for Zahra. I still find her too young to eat outside food, with all the MSG and whatnot so we always bring homemade food whenever we are out. Sometimes I bagi jugak outside food, depends on what we are eating.

 Rice + chicken + pumpkin puree for the handsome boy.

Which he lovessssssssss it so much!

We brought the frozen puree, I already defrost it before we were out. Then normally I just ask for hot water for me to reheat the food but Meatworks nampak mcm proper so I ask them to microwave it for 30seconds. Haha.. When you are a mom, anything pun boleh. Anyway I am thinking to buy the proper Thermos for his outing food so we can heat it at home and keep it warm all the way.

Had french onion soup with Gruyere cheese for starter.

 And shared Waldorf salad with everyone. They use bluecheese dressing which I find it a tad sour.

 MrComot's lambshank

 My BIL's ribs.

 My MIL's milk fed lamb

 My sirloin on a bed of vegetables and potato puree (or mashed potato) but I find it too fine like a puree - macam Emir's food!

 The vege underneath

 Bestfriend sangat dengan daddy! I notice that Zahra is very manja with MrComot lately. She's having my MIL's corn on the cob.

 While Zahra 'gang' with daddy, Emir chose mommy! Mummy's new man!

Overall, we had a good time there. Nice ambiance, spacious enough for us with kids (now that's what matter) and clean. However, the food is so-so to me. I had better lamb cutlets in Ayer's Rock and my sirloin pun ok je la..

My MIL bought a cute cake full of fruits from Hokkaido's Bakery (new bakery shop in Dataran Sunway, KD) but we cancel the blow-candle event because Zahra fell asleep!!! OMG, this is event of the life because she will never never never sleep outside in the stroller. She didn't have her usual nap on the afternoon and by 6PM she requesting for 'bak', a sign that she is sleepy but we already nak keluar time tu. I dah agak she will fall asleep earlier (instead of at 1AM) but I don't expect it to be that soon and in the stroller?

And the way dia tertido pun funny. She was eating the corn with half-closed eyes and tersengguk-sengguk on the baby chair! Ha ha ha.. knowing her, this is very funny.

I asked "Zahra..Zahra sleepy yer? Tidur dalam stroller ok?"

And she nods!


Selalunya dia akan mengamuk or menangis tanak sleep in the stroller.

So I cleaned her up, MrComot carries her for a while and then put her in the stroller and ZAM! She snores to Disneyland.

Since she is sleeping and Emir behaves well, we took a slow walk in Chitta Mall, tried Stickhouse Icecream (will write about this later), visited the bazaar and out from there around 10PM.

Overall it is a nice place..but I don't find it appealing enough. Maybe because my favourite shops are not there. What favourite shop pun I don't know hehe. But seriously, I think I am getting older and slower. I prefer to be at home and cuddling with my munchkins than wandering in the mall. Or maybe I'm just too tired.


  1. Confirm la penat darl.We have to juggle too many things during weekdays..and weekend plak nak bercozy cozy kat rumah.But being a mom no weekends for us.hehehehe

  2. Rasenya, Aan mmg letih tu. Thts y takde nafsu lagi nak jln2 ke mane2. Heee~

  3. Not cos old, but tired! HAhahha. I feel the same way. Sooo tired!

  4. salam,

    tertiba me teringat, my bufday pun dah dekat. ada jugak yg akan call minta beli pizza or kfc ni :p
    depa demand tau. beli utk depa... er ni bufday sapa ni?

    hahahha, sorry luahan perasaan kat your place plak.

    BTW, windu korang la. lamaaaa tak berselisih di inderaloka.

  5. Lin,
    Tu la..weekend pun ada 'kerja' sebenarnya. Tapi tak rasa penat sgt sebab kerja for munchkins :)

    Mommy Fara,
    Hopefully sebab tu la..bukan sebab dah tua and membosankan haha

    Yeah so tired. Gonna try ur tips!

    Hehe me too..lama tak tengok Eiman. Lagipun time hantar/ambil pun dah lain kan? Maybe time puasa nnt ada harapan jumpa :)