Friday, December 16, 2011

Emir King

Guess what I did today?

Went to The Curve with Emir! *lap peluh fuh fuh fuh*

This is my first time doing it, going out with my kids without MrComot. Yeah, I've becoming dependent on him since Zahra is born. Tak berani betul nak keluar sendiri. Well, technically I'm not alone, my sister is on leave, so we went out together, but still! MrComot kan lelaki, gagah perkasa, tukang bawak stroller, keluar dari kereta, lipat masuk kereta balik, naik turun escalator with the stroller... So without him..I'm a bit scared. Hehe..

Anyway we were doing well and Emir was sleeping in the car. But the moment he is in the stroller, terbeliak mata asyik tengok environment. The Christmas deco already up so he must be fascinated with the lights.

Throughout the outing, he refused to sleep even though I can see he's so sleepy. Nevertheless Emir is a very good boy, takde menanges ke apa, provided, the stroller has to be on the move! Hahaha. Kalau berhenti lama sikit je, start la ekk ekk ekkk.

Emir and mommy in front of the deco

Had this yummilicious grilled hotate at Sushi King, Ikano.

Again at Sushi King, Emir refused to sleep in the stroller because tak bergerak kan, dah la I ni bijak pandai tak bawak bantal ke lapik ke apa..kalau tak boleh letak on the bench. Nursed him twice and managed to eat peacefully. Nasib baik bawak nursing cover, so that I don't have to stop eating and find nursing room.

Emir going to taste the hotate later ok, in your milk ;)

I love going out during weekdays, less crowd, faster lunch (no queue, server pun laju), and parking is a breeeeeze! We managed to park right in front of the lift.

Anyway, I'm going to start working next Monday, so welcome back reality!

Have a good weekend everyone! :*


  1. Yeay! Dpt tgk Aan yg terbaru!

    Emir sgt cute mcm kakak die gak!

  2. Salam,

    esok pi muzium negara tgk upin ipin plak tau! 9am - 5pm... cendrahati byk... rambang mata. bawa duit lebih tau! hahahahha

  3. Mommy Fara,
    Comelkann..haha budak2 mmg la comel ;) Eh eh mommy dia pun comel jugak kan :P

    Me miss hari ahad tu! Nak pegi this weekend insyaAllah. Thanks for the heads up! :D