Monday, December 12, 2011

Dr Firdaus yg handsome

Ok this entry is so not me, but couldn't help it so have to write about it.

Emir's cough and flu is quite bad on Saturday and he barely can sleep, woke up every 4 hours with blocked nose and can hear the phlegm. I know they normally don't give any medicine for 2 months baby, but maybe ada something for the blocked nose? We wait for a while but see no improvement on Sunday, so I decided to go to our regular clinic. (I stop using iliadin and nasal spray because it looks scary to me even though designed for infants).

So we went there and Dr Chua is unavailable, ada dr ganti. Terus kitaorg keluar from the clinic, tanak lah the dr ganti, had a bad experience with him. Last time about 2 weeks ago, Zahra got big nanah kat kepala and pecah, so bleeding quite bad, habis all the wet wipe soaked in blood, so pergi clinic and he don't even touch the head to check, just suluh with torchlight from far and suruh the nurse, clean here, clean there..hmm besar wound ni? kena warded..IV drip. Like wth.. I know he is a dr, tapi I dah lap the wound before so I know it's not that bad, cuma blood tanak stop. And my friend dah kena 2x with him, demam sikit je anak dia and suruh warded. So weird. Anyway we didn't admit Zahra to any hospital (I think it's ridiculous) and I just put ubat gamat, the dr don't even give us any antiseptic cream. Esok tengok ok je kepala Zahra.

Ok, so that's why we walked out the moment we heard dr ganti tu on duty that day so we just gamble went to other klinik.

We were the 1st patient and the dr is not there yet, have to wait for a while. Masa tu I was..haishhhh apa ni dr lambat. And then ada a young guy clad in tracksuit and jersey came in and bagi salam. I was like, ok..this is the dr ke? Baru balik jogging ke apa haha.

So yeah, when our name called, that's the dr. So I told him so and Emir's nose blocked, every 4 hours bla bla..I gave him iliadin, nasal spray bla bla bla..

And the conversation gets interesting!

He explained to me a lot of thing that I feel like we are having some medical discussion for exams! Hahaha. And the best thing is, the way he talks, sooo sesuaiiii dengan I (ewwww apakah iniii? haha) I mean, he's so sweet, soft spoken, tak kelam kabut, good structure, easy to understand for a layman person like me, and very informative. He treat me like I'm a well educated person (you know..walaupun I bukan doctor, dia takde la anggap macam I dont understand what he's saying) and took the effort to elaborate even though it's simple matter, like how should I keep my room airy and reduce the usage of the aircond. Pandai betul dia cakap, I don't feel like dia anggap I stupid ke, and make me feel glad that he pointing it out.

He asked a lot and the most important thing, he listens a lot too! I cakap macam makcik ke, cakap ayat tak tersusun ke, he listen and respond well to my query. Ohhh I suka ok orang yg bijak macam ni. What a refined man.

And the plus bonus, he is quite handsome *cough* *cough*

Dah la dia tak suka bagi ubat suka-suka. U know what I mean? Even though I keep on saying kesian Emir I takut ada infection etc, he said it's ok. What his concern is, even though the medicine can help, tapi he more worry the sedative effect in the medicine. So kalau 2 months better not giving anything, unless he's irritable and very bad. Emir pee and poo like usual, doesn't reject feeding, so it should be ok. The phlegm also only at the throat, not in the lung. And he refused to give me antibiotic. REFUSED ok hahaha. He said, he can give, but he doesn't see why Emir needs it. Sbb it's more to viral, not bacteria since Emir tak demam. Just high temp when he is stress. Ohhhh I love this doctor. So detail and concern. Yeah..concern is the word! Btw, he gave Bisolvon (1ml dose) to break the phlegm, only if it's so bad. He even taught us how to break the phlegm naturally. He asked if I know how to, I said I know..tepuk2 kat belakang tu, but maybe my face mcm tak sure or he likes me *puke*, that he said, let me show you.

Awwwwwwwww so sweet lah youuuuu! Haha..

Then I told him, I'm worried Emir can't sleep because he spent most of the time coughing and nak termuntah, but tak muntah, you know lah baby they don't know how to spit it out yet. And Emir = not sleeping, seriously worrying me.

He just give the sweetest smile and said 'Don't worry, he will catch up'

Awwwwww..he knows what to say to erase my worry without bagi ubat to Emir.

Other than that, he's quite young you know..maybe around 30 top. And ingat tak he gave us salam first, masa dia masuk the clinic. Double awwwwww. I know it's common, but is it really common? Honestly nowadays dah jarang jumpa orang bagi salam..normally will say, 'pagi!' or 'morning!'.. Ni lembut je dia cakap, 'Assalamualaikum..'

Alahai..cairnya hati I haha..

And you know how melted I was? The moment I am out from the clinic, the first thing that came across of my head is..Is this dr has a girlfriend? If not I want to introduce him to my girlfriends! Punyala high prospect ni :P

Btw, I didn't know his name until we are at the counter to take medicine and the pharmacist answering a call, apparently somebody asking who is the dr in charge that day and she said, Dr Firdaus. that's his name!

Anyway back to Emir, the phlegm still so bad that I decided to give 1 dose of the medicine (on the evening). Last night he vomit out a big batch of phlegm (thank God!) and I decided to take EL today. Kesian pulak Emir nak terus hantar ke babysitter. Lagipun nanti budak lain jangkit, I will feel very bad. But Alhamdulillah so far so good, he managed to sleep through the night, no more blocked nose and cough sikit je, and still sleeping until now! Wow..that's really a catch up!


  1. salam,

    er, Mr Comot tak marah ke u puji lelaki lain, lain macam ni? hihihihi...

    jarang dah ada doktor yg PRnya sgt baik. me boikot 1 klinik ni sbb doktor tu kerja nak kondem me laki bini jer.

    1. pernah jumpa dgn sorang doktor,boleh dia jerkah pesakit dia masa tengah deman...masa tu umur 12 tahun*ingat sampai sekarang*...xkan lupala doktor kepala botak tu...

  2. awwww la u Aan....hehehehe, Dr Firdaus punya penangan sampai EL sekali ni ek..

  3. Tatty,
    Haha MrComot macam menyampah jugak la..siap perli cakap if I'm not married, I kenalkan kat myself la. But dunno la dia marah ke tak..ntah! :P

    Yup, PR is important. Kalau PR out memang tak pegi dah. Mcm dr ganti tu la.

    Kannnnn...tak sedar diri anak dah 2 haha

    That's why. Nasib baik bukan I yg jatuh sakit. Mesti demam seminggu terus :P

  4. which clinic? Hahaha. Neway, when in KL, if Danish x sihat, I bring him to klinik kanak2 kat mutiara damansara, near surian condo. Dr Juliza i think her name, she's very very nice. Like her lots!

  5. Hahaha...quoting u
    "The moment I am out from the clinic, the first thing that came across of my head is..Is this dr has a girlfriend? "
    woit... aku rasa soalan yg lebih relevant "adakah dia dah kawen?" huahuahua... kalau belum.. jeng jeng jeng....... dr.azleena ada LOL

  6. alaaaaa ingat adde pichaaaa!!!

  7. hahaha.. aan... entry paling lawak laa... i baca pun cair je...
    next time u jumpe lg Dr Firdaus tu u amik la pic ok.. teruja sgt nak tgk ni...

  8. Azleena,
    I knowww rightt? But I dont think dia dah kawen, nampak mcm muda. Damn, forgot to check his finger ada ring or not hehehe

    Ish ish mcm mana me nak amik gamba, tak sesuai okkk :P

    Me pun rasa lawak, teruja sangat haha. Kalau ditakdirkan pegi klinik tu and jumpa dia lagi, me akan usaha amik gamba *azam ntah apa2 :P*