Friday, August 19, 2011

My 19-months Darling Pwincess

Zahra is 19months already! She's a grown up toddler and yet, I still look and feel her like a baby. Never stop being amazed with her wits and cheekiness.

At this phase, I noticed she becomes so MANJA! Manja as in will come and rub her face against mine, then she loves to pull my cheek and kiss my lips. So cute! When I am in the car with her, she will kiss me left and right and won't stop until I stop her - that's when my face is already covered with her saliva hehehe.

She also knows how to mengadu nowadays. Whenever after we finished feed her the medicine (we have to pin her down and MrComot will hold her tight because she will fight the feeding), she will come to me and wailing 'Daaaadddyyyyyy...dadddyyyyyy', telling me that daddy is bad for making her eat the medicine.

She also will mengadu whenever she fell or ada orang kacau dia, mcm last night, she slip in between on the safety gate and her knees terkepit di tengah2 but sikit je, but keep on telling me 'tatetttt...tatettttt' while pointing to her knees. Then one of the cat tried to cakar her but missed, and I didn't see any scratches, but she will wail and wail showing me her hands. Haha so manja..

I don't think she knows she getting a brother because she seems don't understand when I put her hands on my ballooning tummy, but it's okay, we'll see how when babyG pop-out.

I didn't measure her height because too busy hehehe..but her current weight is around 9.5 - 9.7 kgs. Hard to know the real weight because she might have water retention due to her Nephrotic condition.

Oh ya, iPad is her bestfriend now. Buka mata je nak tengok Barney! Pening ok... But occasionally I will play with her, to stop her from being in front of iPad jer. She loves coloring and stacking the wooden block, so that would be a good distraction.

Talking about iPad, she knows how to operate iPad like unlock the youtube (she recognizes the youtube button! I tried to move the button and she knows where to press), stop/play the video, adjust the speaker and understand that she has to close the iPad when we are going somewhere. So far she never throws the gadget and will hold it cautiously, so I always let her carry the iPad by herself. Good girl!

She also into ironing these days. She knows it will turn hot and sit still whenever I iron my cloths. Awal2 dulu memang nak berebut the iron with me, but I let her touch the place I ironed (it still a bit warm), so she knows it's hot and sometimes we play a game (while I do the ironing), 'Zahra zahra..cepat pegang, panassss' and she will put her hand on the spot and said aauuuuuwww" while bringing her hands quickly to her chest. Haha so funny.

Her current favourite word is 'tatotttt' and she will say it whenever she have a fright over something and will pat her chest repeatedly. Haha..macam makcik2 ok. I don't know where she learned the word takut, because we never use it in front of her, maybe she picked it up in the babysitter's place.

I think she's ready for potty training because she will tell me when she poop - 'Yek!' and always request me to bring her to the toilet whenever her diaper is full. However I'm not ready to potty train her yet, due to my condition. Maybe later when I'm in my confinement.

Her current favourite food still broccolli! and baby corn. Ok la..ada jugak new thing hehehe.

Below is a couple of her recent pics :D

Busy ironing. The switch is off of course, but I can't let my eyes out of her as she will try to switch on the power at the wall.

Watching Barney while sleeping on her Barney :P

She still very can be very angry sometimes, and have a hard time to sleep lately, due to the prednisone's effect. I will narrate that one in separate entry later. Other than that, she's one happy and active toddler.

Happy 19months baby! Mommy will always love you and stay strong ok!