Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Little Grasshopper

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I am 'busy' playing with Fruit Ninja on the iPad currently. Not really addicted, but just because want to beat hubby's score. We have this habit to beat each other score. After all nak beat score siapa lagi ye tak?

Anyway that's not about it. Last night, as usual we break our fast in his parent's house and we were cleaning up the letfover, washing dishes etc. Normally we do it together but last night he insisted he do everything alone and want me to rest. I was tempted because I was very tired but thinking how much work he has been doing for me, macam kesian la pulak. Lagipun apa la sangat basuh pinggan and all kan..so I better contribute la. He keep pestering me to stop washing the dishes while I keep on saying 'Ok, lepas basuh satu ni, me stop.' Tapi tak stop stop hehe..

Then he said:

Sayang...please la pegi main Fruit Ninja tu. Me tak tahan la me highest score now.
Alaa nanti me main la
Sayang pegi la main...nanti me gloat the whole night! Tak tahan!

At that point I dah nak tergelak. Haha. I mean, the trick he want me to stop washing plates. Macam I ni budak-budak :p

Since he keep on saying he will gloat la apa la..so ok, I stop washing and play the fruit ninja in the hall, but I still can't beat him and sooo gerammm..

Sayang want an advice tak?
Little grasshopper, don't use your eyes. Be the blade!

I was like, what the..... ha ha ha ha!

His face was so funny that time, so serious and with a very sharp tone! And I knew it! It must came from a movie line or whatever.

Movie apa sayang cakap tu?
Kung Fu.
Ha ha ha ha!

I pun tatau la movie apa tu. When I googled up, it is an old series back in 1970s! So old skool lah my hubby ni.

On the other note, it's already half of the fasting month and he's been preparing all my sahur. Every single day *all teary*. There are the days when I woke up earlier than him but I didn't dare to go down and prepare the sahur sebab takut nanti dia marah I turun naik tangga. Seriously! 40% malas, but 60% I know he will be mad at me if I do that. So just let him do whatever he wants to do. I know macam kesian, but it's something he loves doing. I just want him to be happy, by making me happy ^_^


  1. Di ofis saya pun sibuk semua dok main game yg sama huhu...

    p/s: Mr. Comot memang oldies :p

  2. CIk Kopi..game bodoh tapi best ok haha