Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am 32 weeks!!

Time sure running so fast and I hardly can catch up. Poor my babyG, I rarely update about him :(

Anyway we did the 4D scan (it's 3D and 4D - video as well!) when I was about 28 weeks. It's said the best time to the scan but since my amniotic fluid (air ketuban) is still a lot, it's a bit kosong through the scan.

When with Zahra Elena, we just managed to do a quick 3D scan at TMC with NO CD, only one piece of printed pic :(

This time I am more prepared so I scout around to find the most affordable place to to the scanning as most private hospitals will charge you around RM250! I checked with Vission College, they are the cheapest so far, around 100++ but fully booked til next few months! Dahsyat ok! Thank God a friend of mine told me about this service in www.kasihkusayangku.com.my.

For direct link you can go here: -

And it's only at RM100! Plus quite near with my place hehe. The only weird thing is they won't reveal the place until you made the payment. But trust my experience, it's all alright. The 'scanner' is a profesional sonographer and the procedure is done in a appropriate clinic. So nothing to be worried of.

I made the payment via online transfer, got the confirmation email and address, then just go to the clinic on the mentioned date/time and my session is ON!

But my baby was taking an afternoon nap that time and he refused to wake up after a few gentle shakes, and just give us this smile :D


Smiling! But still sleeping hehehe

We got a few printed pictures (2D) and a CD comprises about 50 pictures and 10 short movies!

We confirmed on the gender and check other condition, so far so good, he is developing well, despite of my underweight condition.

Talking about my pregnancy, I already see the gynea in TMC as I'm in 7 months now - Dr Fidak, same doctor with my first pregnancy and everything is good. I also feel good, only that I can't walk for long period and having shortness of breath. Time bercakap pun have to stop for a few times which is so not me hehehehe. The heartburn is no longer there, Alhamdulillah..

Last checkup 2 weeks ago showing babyG is about 1.6kg (that indicates he will be 3.2kg in full term!). Wow..sikit2 sudah yer..jangan over2. Zahra was 3.4kg but I was bigger that time. Hopefully can do normal delivery this time.

He also already pusing ke bawah, but can go back up anytime. I don't really mind as long as he is well positioned and engaged when the time comes.

Other than that both baby and mummy are doing well. Oh ya, only that this fasting month, my weight drastically fall to 51.5kg, compared to last checkup before fasting, it was 53kg :(

I think macam tak cukup makan. Masa buka puasa can't take much and planned to have late supper around 11PM mcm tu but by that time I just finished tuck Zahra to sleep, I will pengsan sekali ngan dia sampai sahur :(

Still fasting up to today..nak buka pun mcm no reason as I OK je puasa... If my weight keep on dropping off, maybe I won't puasa..will give another week and see how.

Stay strong babyG. Mummy so sorry mummy neglect you most of the time, but mummy knows you are doing OK inside. It's the safest place for you where you'll get everything you need. So hang in there and just come out when you are full term ok. Hopefully by then your sister will be recovered so that mummy can attend you 100%.

Seriously, another thing that worrying me is, if I ter-deliver not on full term, because of the stress and tiredness, with a lot of thing going on kan..pasal Zahra sakit, pegi sana sini and she still latching on me - releasing the Oxytocin hormone.

But babyG, mummy telling you..the Oxytocin is not a sign for you to be out yet ok? Just wait..until October. That's the real time :)

Stay strong darling!


  1. me so happy for you la (sebab murah rezeki dan dah nak dapat anak kedua ^_^)

    Next week kalau tak berpuasa, please kidnap me for lunch *hiks*

  2. walaupun me tau lebih awal you dah preggy, the very happy feeling just sunk in, boleh? Sebelum ni me sedikit keliru walaupun happy juga hehehe...

    kena jaga la diet you lalink sebab you latching and preggy at the same time-me worry~ (see the hormone imbalance in my comments? :p)

    p/s: tadi tersubmit sebelum selesai mengarang.

  3. Hehe tenkiu darling. Me know... kalau puasa pun me kidnap u, but u kena tapau la :D

  4. comel..maria kli ni tak buat 3d ape pn..dlu buat tp gamba sekeping je print..kali ni tak buat ape..hope semua ok..huhu..