Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Drama of My Shiny Black Push Present

Ok, time to rant about my push present :D

It's not really a push present, but since tak ada hadiah lagi, I declare la cannn? cannn? hahaha.

Anyway got it a couple weeks ago. It's an iPad2! Actually we wanted to get it online as the price sama je, free shipping and the big plus point is, you get free engraving behind!! So classy ok. But we had to cancel to buy it online because I feel like having it now and if you buy online, it will reach you about a month! It's too long to wait! From the website, it says will be delivered 3-4 days. Ye lahh tu...2 of my friends bought it online and it only reached them after a month. Hmmppphhh!!

But the main story here is not about my's about the drama behind.

Right after MrComot decided to buy the iPad, I call every MAC centres in KL to check the availability. We specifically want black and 16G, WIFI only. No white iPad for me pleaseee..comot ok! Anyway..susah ok nak call2 ni. I called about 5 branches..ada yg rude giler like heloooooo, I want to buy ok, what's wrong with you? Ada yg macam.."ha..takde" and senyap, I wanted to ask more question, terus terbantut. And finally the only place whom still having it, Digital Mall PJ!! So I quickly said book it for me satu, tomorrow morning we will go pick up!!

Seee..semangat kan.

The next day is Friday. Both of us took annual leave just to take the iPad in the morning and then jalan-jalan after that. We also planned to send Zahra to the babysitter like usual. You know, it's kind a date lah..after so long kan. We've been very busy before, and with Zahra's condition lagi. After all I'm going to deliver and confinement lagi, when to go out like this.

But the night before, ada work crisis pulak, so MrComot had to attend crisis meeting after Friday's prayer. So goes our so-called cuti. He's still taking the leave, he said the meeting will be a brief one only and he will join me to shop in MidValley after that.

So ok la.. then we send Zahra to the babysitter in the morning around 11AM mcm tu. Before that dah la Zahra cranky bagai. All she wants is to latch on and we are in the middle of weaning her for good. Until that day dah 2 hari she managed to be in the car without latching. So kira hari ke-3 la tu..and then she keep on crying and crying and pulling my shirt and scratching my face and it's hard for me to handle her tantrums sebab tanak dia langgar perut lagi kan. And I wanted to give in jer, but MrComot pulak keep on saying if I give up now give my boobs then when she going to learn bla bla bla..

Helooo..susah ok..I was struggling behind and kalau dia nangis mengada je ok la..I can pretend not to listen but this time crying hard sampai tersedak-sedak and keep on pulling my shirt. In the end I gave in jugak, itu pun dah nak sampai rumah babysitter. Memang tense la in the car.

Dah la he keeps on receiving calls..since from the house until we reached there. Dah la keluar lambat around 11AM because he had to reply mails la attend the calls la.. And we already plan to go out early, have a nice breakfast, etc.

Then at the parking, I was so clumsy and dropped Zahra's thermos, and the cover opened and half of the soup tumpah ok!

Ok lah..dah tumpah nak buat mcm mana. Then we sent Zahra to the babysitter and saw her hubby tengah smoke pulak dekat hall. You know, I don't have anything against smoker, it's your choice, but boleh tak jangan smoke kat tempat budak2? Please?

Then I went to the kitchen to wash my hands and the babysitter was there too and maybe dia perasan my face semacam je..and ask how am I doing..I gaduh ngan MrComot ke apa.. terus I burst out crying!! In her kitchen! Damn!

That's the first time la I cry in front of strangers like that.

It's too much for me to handle that time, the disappointment of our date won't be like as planned, the frustration of can't make Zahra happy in the car, the bengang-ness soup tumpah and nampak pulak her hubby smoking (padahal pernah nampak before but that time bengang sangat)..too much in my plate. And maybe the pregnancy hormone as well.

And I keep on crying in the car, that MrComot is apologizing if he made me unhappy. It's not about's about everything.

But the moment we reached Digital Mall, terus stop nanges haha. I don't think because of the iPad, but because of finally I get to let out everything. Lega sangat.

Anyway below is a few other thing that I want to share - a yummilicious soya bean and kuih nyonya stall!

It's a mobile van located right in front of Digital Mall. Since we reached there around 12PM already, a bit rushing and decided to call of lunch together and have a light snack. I had cold soy bean milk with agar-agar cendol.

The agar-agar cendol is super yummy ok!!! So thick and creamy and cendolicious! It's a bit pricey at RM1.10 per piece (that's normal price for kuih nyonya actually) compared to the one in pasar malam, RM1 for 3 pieces. But mehhh..that one rasa agar-agar ngan gula je la.

The drama didn't end there..I dropped MrComot to his office for Friday prayers and went to MidValley after that. He said the meeting will start after prayers and kejap je he will join me. Then ok la..I lunch sorang2 dengan penuh kesedihan, jalan sana sini..and guess what, his meeting done at 530PM!!!! Dating lah sangat.. ughhhhhhhhhh!!!

Then I picked him and we off to babysitter to picked Zahra pulak.


Di manakah kegunaan annual leave saya. And his of course la.. baik tak payah cuti. I was so pissed (I know that's not his fault but couldn't help it to feel that way) and said 'Baik tak payah cuti'. Then he said he can cancel his cuti, considered keja. That's not the point ok. The point is, we want to go out together.. and dah plan bagai, but end up I stranded there alone.. and with my condition lagi, sakit pinggang bagai. Bukannya masalah cuti :(

But ya la..what to do..not enybody's fault pun. Things happen kan.

Anyway there is another story.. I stumble upon one of the blogger and dia tak shy-shy cat tegur me! Thanks darling! At least I managed to talk to somebody jugak, takde la masam je the whole day hahaha.

And talking about her, she's so pretty!!! I terus semangat nak pakai night cream after met her :P

Ok talking about the iPad2. Takde la best sangat la..I mean because I am used to touch screen phone kan. I've been using XpressMusic almost 2 years the experience is the same. Only it's bigger and ada banyak apps la. So for browsing takde la mata kena focus sangat. Furthermore I don't really have the time to play around with the busy these days. Balik malam terus tido and it's somehow easier to browse using my phone because it's smaller hahaha.

In fact, it has become a toy to Zahra. Everytime nak pujuk dia je, "Ok Zahra don't cry, jom tengok youtube kat iPad" or "Zahra mamam first, then kita tengok ipad". Ikut cakap okk..terus jadi. Dulu I selalu bribe youtube to her but using laptop. Laptop is a bit hassle because I have to ON lah, and the it's not that portable and it contains my work inside, so a bit dangerous, sometimes don't know what she press and documents might be deleted.

But she pun ok je kalau takde iPad, as long as she can watch her Barney!

Zahra watching youtube via my XpressMusic

Using iPad2

So the point here, any device will do as long as you can browse. The power of internet. I feel crippled kalau takde internet ok haha.

Oh ya, talking about this, we only bought the WIFI one because we mostly use the iPad in house or office (both got WIFI) so I don't see the problem. Even if we buy the 3G one will be another problem as I have to subscribe to another data package kan, because my phone already ada data package, so macam membazir.

Another solution if we are moving around, like in the car.. I can connect the iPad to my 3G using my phone as a router. Don't you think Nokia XpressMusic is awesome? *I heart my phone so much!*. And it's a crackable android apps hehehe.

Connected to the world from iPad WIFI to Celcom 3G via JoikuSpot Premium using XpressMusci 5800.

I think I brag about my cheapo phone more than the fancy iPad haha. But poor Nokia, I heard they are sinking down :(

Last but not least, both my babies enjoying the new gadget.

Tak habis2 Barney, up to a point I dah nak muntah ok.

And thank you hubby :*


  1. lorr hari tu ker aan?oh my banyak nyer drama..

    Sometimes bila tak according to our plan rasa macam sia-sia jer buat.I dah pernah rasa banyak kali.walaupun bukan salah kita pun still..rasa bengang giler..

    But anyway darl, u also pretty wokey?

    muah!Selamat berpuasa babe!kiss-kiss zara for me. :)

  2. Pregnancy hormon of course! Hahahha.. happen too many times for me during my pregnancy. Asyik nangis je keje.. hahahaha.
    Take care beb!

    Neway, I heart my iPad tooo much, maybe cos I only use the cheap 100inggit Nokia phone. ahahahha

  3. waaaa. zahra pon dah ade ipad.. same besar je ngan zahra. haha

  4. barney raif sank into upin ipin...tgk iphone dh tau dh nak minta apa

  5. Emosi masa pregnant. Tapi mmg tertahan. Lebih baik keluar airmata. Boleh released semua. Heheheh.

  6. i baca entry u i pun leh emosi gak... i tau u rasa mcm mana that day :(
    sorry aan..
    jgn tension2 lg k..

  7. Lin,
    Yup that day hehehe..Mwah2 for Azryl

    Tu la! Orang cakap cembeng :P

    Sama besar haha tapi dia perasan terer pakai.

    Comey eh..actually me think Barney is scary hahaha. Tapi budak tu suka, ok je, asalkan dia occupied. Upin Ipin me tried dia prefer boboiboy ish ish ish

    Mommy Fara,
    Me think so too..rasa sedih sgt..over tau haha

    Thanks..maybe sbb banyak menda happen rasa takleh cope kut. Me try to be happy! :D

  8. mai MV tak tepon me pun. huhuhu...

    takpe.. janji u got something... i got... er... hm... AZWAN WHERE's MY PUSH PRESENT?!