Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sugary baby

I had another checkup yesterday with Dr Fidak. As I mentioned before, this week I have to do MOGTT - the sugar test.

They gave me a 75g dextrose and to tell you the truth, the taste is not bad, something like F&N orange, only minus the gas. I don't feel like to vomit (like what other mommies always tell) but I do feel nausea after finishing the whole thing. Serious rasa nak pitam sangat that I wish I don't have to go through this procedure again in the future.

My first sugar reading (I had to fast) was 4.9 which is very good and after consume the sugar my reading shoot up to 9.8. I had to wait an hour and take another reading, estimation should be below 8. Unfortunately my reading maintained at 9.0 and Dr Fidak shoved me to dietrician for consultation.

Anyway I think we read it wrongly because I took the sugar 15mins later, so I had to wait for another 15mins before the last reading. The thing is, I only notice this timing-tak-kena after waiting for dietrician, I browsed my camera and look at the timestamp (MrComot captured my pic drinking the sugar). But nevermind lah, we still go see the dietrician.

The dietrician went through me with a long checklist and the outcome is - I am fine. I don't have to retake the test or to blood-test-before-and-after-eating-thing. She said my reading goes down very slow because 75g is too much for me and I'm not used to it. Yeayyy! Mommy and baby is fine.

I also provided with admission letter and my EDD will be 14 Jan 2009. OMG, suddenly I feel so scared, it's just around the corner! *shiver* *shiver*

I add the text to cover the IC number and macam ok la pulak jadi watermark kan? It's super easy to do btw...maybe I can consider watermarking all my pics after this hmmm

Including the admission slip, they also give me a list for my hospital bag. Looking at it, I was like "OMG, apsal my hospital list before this macam complicated giler?" hahaha

The list

Oh ya, on baby updates, my little one already at 2.8kg and even though she is engaged, the head still facing upfront (profile position). It will be best if she can turn the face down. Dr Fidak tipped me that I have to banyakkan baring mengiring.

My gynea will start to see me every week after this. Hope everything goes well, pray for me ya :)

Gonna update again, mwahhhhhhhhhhh!

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