Wednesday, December 23, 2009

crazy mommy on the runaway

I wannt to do a lot of thing now, like everything at one time! Can or cannot? Most of them just a knick knack that can be done in few hours (or minutes!) if I am determined enough. The thing is.. my belly feels so heavy and I am having braxton hicks like all the time, and I don't have the mood the do all the stuff except lie down on the bed staring at the ceiling *sigh*

But I want to rant this is what I feel I need to do before my baby pop-out!

1) Update blog about my Japan trip

2) Activate my twitter so I can tweet during confinement. Already registered but am passive.

3) Revamp my blog, like seriously! The 'what's with andes now' pun tak update2. It supposed to be 'Andes is having a baby' pic instead of the holding-hand-tie-knot-thing. It is more than a year ago! *sigh*

4) Buy something for MrComot's birthday. His birthday is this coming January and I have nothing yet. It has to be NOW because if I can't get it now, I won't get it at all. Will be extremely busy with the baby and all. I know that gift is unnecessary as I'm giving him a baby (LOL) but that what makes me more itchy to give something - when he expects the least hihihihihi. I loveeeee to surprise my babyyyyy. Ok, enough of gedikness. Btw, I already have something in mind, but it needs a lot of effort and I don't think I can commit. How how how howwww

5) Do some painting for living hall

6) Do 'cutie-monster' painting for family hall

7) Sew owl pillow

8) Bake orange cupcake because the butter is already expired, like a month ago? And it is an expensive Lurpak butter. So I HAVE TO BAKE something.

9) Bake choc chip cookies because I actually have 2 expensive butter expiring! Don't worry, all for me and MrComot's consumption.

OK..I think I'll go mad thinking of the things I want to do.


  1. Wah wah.. ambitious nyerrr
    Tell me later which one u manage to do ok?
    Kalo masak, plss invite me,hehehe

  2. sabar sabar...

    what ever you are planning, I can always help you know. with that baby coming out very soon (tak sabar saya), you know you need my help :p ~

  3. baking is ok, painting? no-no!

    haha, gi tukar gambar kartun tu gi..

  4. before that..u dah pack barang ke lalink? beg spital u dah ready ke? ahaks..

    gigih ok u ni. paling tak boleh blah ialah cita-cita nak buat 'cutie-monster' painting for family hall. doakan berjaya. gambar froggy jgn lupe ea. :P

  5. rilex2.. buat sikit2. nanti siap la tu..

    nasihat ini ditujukan khas untuk aktivit packing hospital bag


  6. Fiena,
    Definitely gonna update if I managed to one any of that. Kalau tak update tu, faham2 je la hehe

    Yeayyy. Nnt me beep u if me need anything

    Hehe tu la..painting tu mcm ambitious sgt, tapi baking pun sgt malas. Kartun tu nak tukar senang, tapi tak lukis lagi, howwww :P

  7. MrsZach,
    Hahaha tu la..cita2 sangat penting ok. Lukis dalam otak pun jadi la..

    Me dah packkk! Dengan list yg sikit tu la :P