Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Confinement Plan

Nothing much on work today, I guess everybody is already in holiday mood. Finally I can shake my sleepyhead off, but still I'm so lazy to study or do anything related with work (erkkk).

So this morning is spent with movies searching for me to download - to watch during confinement. I know I'll be very busy attending the little one later, but I think I can catch a movie or two during breastfeeding her :D

Since my pregnancy, I only managed to watch 1 movie only, G-Force. So I have lotssss to catch up. So far, this is my current torrent list that is being downloaded. The server has a limited space (only 3Gb at a time), so I need to download 'em batch by batch.

1st batch running:

*** Upload: 11.30 KiB/s | Download: 506.20 KiB/s | Peers: 93/220
>Name /== Hash...==\ Peers | Done (MB) | % | Up | Down
1) Pineapple.Express[2008]D |b5d0ab741c99| 24/55 | 101.0/ 702.0 | 14 |12.8 |187.3
2) Seven.Pounds[2008]DvDrip |bd4e3a77f819| 26/56 | 114.0/ 701.5 | 16 | 3.7 |185.7
3) Madagascar-Escape.2.Afri |d13b27f5f392| 29/53 | 46.0/ 700.9 | 6 | 5.9 |107.8
4) Julie & Julia[2009]DvDri |eaf1a9bbf3da| 14/56 | 22.3/ 800.1 | 2 | 4.3 | 24.0

Anyway looking at my long list, MrComot said:

"Cartoon je memanjangggggg"

"Me need happy movie so that me can produce milk tau"

"Ohhh hubby tak make u happy ke? :(("

"Ishh..me nak watch while hubby pegi keja laaa"

Kannnnnn. Over la pakcik ni. I noticed that him become more 'manja' lately. In fact, there is a few time he will say something like this

"Nanti baby come out mesti you sayang baby lagi kan"

"Mana ada..both are my babies, mesti la me sayang you sama jugak"

"No la...it's reality, because the baby has been inside you for 9 months, so u'll love her more"

Haha.. I thot only women have this pre-natal blues.


  1. mr comot dh rasa tergugat kot :)
    don't worry mrcomot..aan will always syg u smpai bila2 tau...

    bila dh pop out and pantang period,jgn lupa update blog eh.nnti we all semua rindu kt u...

  2. Mrsjaddo,
    Hehe..comel je u cakap mcm tu. InsyaAllah I'll update, in fact plan nak update in confinement pun hehe..tapi me ni kadang2 plan je lebih :p we'll see la how.. thanks :)

  3. maria yg rs tergugat pas aqil lahir..huhuh..hubby panggil maria baby besar..haha..perli pulak dia..

  4. m@ri@,
    Baby besar comelll..manja jee :D

  5. Salam,

    selama 2 kali berpantang kan, me mmg macam ibu yang kejam sbb tgh malam Azwan yang layan dia. me layan tido...


  6. jgn lupa nonton NEMO ok.....mesti lagi best!!

    'sy akan jadikan cerita ini iktibar utk masa akan datang ;p' hahaha

  7. Tatty,
    Hehe tak kejammmm..it's time for us to berehat, biar daddy2 pulak rasa :P

    Uncle Zul,
    Nemo best!!!! Thanks for reminding, wpun dah tgk, HARUS TGK AGAIN. Haa termasukla Monster Inc hehehe