Monday, March 31, 2014


Just another random rant.

We've been married for 5 years now and I'll say we are doing quite well. Only that I've been feeling that my husband is not that fun anymore. I knowww right! How can you feel that?

I guess because both of us are busy juggling the family, with two growing up kids, our hands are quite full. But I always 'think' that my husband changed. To a boring man. Because I 'think' I am fun (so full of myself pffttttt). Couple of months ago, we were in fight and trying to cool it off, then we went to see some relatives and they have this congkak (you know, the traditional play thing), so I said

"Jom main!"

And he said, "no hands hurt"

And I blurt out, "You are no fun"

And he was taken aback (of course he is! I will too if I am in his shoes) and said "I'm serious, I hurt my fingers yesterday"


I know I was wrong..but I was just upset (we were in fight, remember) and I feel so bored.

Anywayyy...last night we were watching our honeymoon vacation to Japan in 2009 and guess what?

Oh myyyyyyyyyy I WAS SO FUN BACK THEN!

It was me who changed over the years and I have the cheek to think it is my husband! Ok, maybe he changed too, but look at myself! I've become a boring person too!!

In those videos, I was so chirpy and funny and interesting and yadayadayada. I still a fun person now, but not as much as I used to be.

Sigh. Time to reflects myself.

Now we are in a good terms, I don't think he is a boring person at all, it's just me whom being critical. And our priorities changed's no longer about two of us. We still having fun in different kind of level and I will never trade it with anything.


  1. I can feel you. Although I baru nk msk 3years with one baby girl. Haha. I always said "you ni membosankan" to my husband and he laughed. Cz he knows he is a boring person. LOL. But of course I pun joking la, xla serius sgt. hehe. But at times i pun rasa i perasan i fun pdhl sbnrnye kau pn membosankan :P
    Anyway agree with ur last points :)

    1. Kannn? Mana la boleh compare dulu takde tanggungjawab. fun dia lain. tak tahan tu syok sendiri ingat org lain yg tak fun haha

  2. Marriage is a project that you have to always work on everyday. Please remind me should I forget about it later in the future :p

    1. indeed. it's a hardwork too! I will ketuk u kalau u mengada2 in the future hahaha