Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tailor Wannabe

If you are in my FB friendlist, or follow my IG, you'll notice that I've started sewing. I'm not really keen on real sewing, like the tailoring and drafting stuff. Just simple one on creative side. 

Anyway, Zahra is a real princessy type. She only wears dress nowadays and refused to wear shirt with legging because apparently, princess only wear dresses "-_-. 

I'm fine with it but the hardest part is most of her dresses are kinda short (slightly above the knee) and the school encourage the children to wear legging underneath it to promote decency (which I totally agree) but Zahra said "princess tak pakai legging". okaaayyy. So I kinda ran out of dresses for her schooldays already.

Wanted to buy some but a dress can cost so much nowadays. Especially the fluffy and long type one. Some of her old shirts is still in a very good shape, so I decided to refashion it, and turn it into a dress!

From this
To this

It is really simple indeed. I just cut some pink tshirt knit in my stash as the lining and gather the tutu @ mesh @ kain net orang kita panggil, and attach it to the shirt. There are several types of tutu in the market, this is the soft type where it won't make your skin itch (so you don't have to line it if you don't want to) but I line it since it's sheer. I found this fabric in Kamdar. I ran out the pink glitter tutu so I mix it up with purple plain tutu.

Presenting you...a new dress!
And she proudly wears it to school! But I'm far from commercial because one of the teacher asked me did I make the dress by myself &^*&^&%&## LOL! It must look so homemade! Hahaha. least she has one 'new' dress in her wardrobe now.


  1. Salam,
    saya mencadangkan, utk bg tak nampak homemade sgt, jahit reben or renda kat hujung shirt dan bercantum dengan tutu tu. reben tu bleh diikat kat bahagian belakang... lagi nampak ke-tuan-an-puteri-an