Friday, March 28, 2014

Luahan di hari Jumaat

Just a short update to kick back my mojo to blog.

There are times when I feel so lost! And that will be past few weeks, hence that explains my silence. I just don't know what I want. At one time, I was so determined to quit the job and be a housewife because I can't face the drama every morning, traffic jam, Zahra crying wants her mommy, being late to work, etc. Sigh. It's too hectic for me.

Then after I calmed down, quitting is not a good option for now. I mean, I still need the money and whatnot. And as much as I miss my kids daily, I know other moms out there also feel the same. But I find it hard because everyday Zahra will cry about wanting me to stay at home. The only time she won't cry if I send her to school late, very late like at 9AM. And that means, I also will be late to work. Sigh. How I wish my work time start at 10AM so I can handle the kids (and the house) and don't have to bother my husband (we are carpooling now, so if I am late, so will he!).

So bothersome.

And talking about the house, it is such a mess nowadays. I still call the weekend maid but it's not enough. The house is super clean but I still have laundry and mountains of cloth to fold. It is never end.

Typical mommy's problem I guess.

Anyway I am much better now. Maybe I just need a 'me' time.

1 comment:

  1. salam,

    lega baca u dan calm down. mmg klu anak meragam kita tak senang duduk, kan? kat opis hati tak tenang... anyway... i know the best will come your way soon.
    pasal lipat kain tu, me rasa ramai lagi macam tu. ada yg sampai kosong lemari sbb semua baju tak lipat, kot!
    anyway... apakah jadi plan MV kita tadi? hahahhaha... next week last me keje... sebelum sambung balik lagi 2 minggu...