Friday, April 6, 2012

Yummy Beads

Ok I'm back!!!

Well, not 100%, the busy-ness is still there, but coping. So I hope I can write everyday. Well, that's my current resolution (as am typing here). The spirit is triggered after I had some time to browse on craft thing - I want to start crafting and sewing! And then I can blog about it!


Ok, but seriously, I miss crapping here, documenting my life :)

Anyway, while we at 'craft' topic, I made a lot of stuff but finished halfway. I made puppets for Zahra, made milk pouch, made coaster, well, nothing fancy, but it's something that I love to do! Gonna share about it later after I finished it.

And just to show off that I got this yummy beads bought from Bangkok!

My sister went there for vacation and out of many wonderful things in Bangkok, I asked for craft beads! It wasn't anything specific as I told her to pick anything nice and when she brought back this colorful beads, I was melted to the ground! Ohhhhhh yummmmmmy beads!

They are acrylic beads but looks like marble, with the cracks. Look at the colors, they remind me of M&Ms!

My favourite one will be star-shaped and the round-shaped. It's beautifully cracked!!

Gonna make a lot of stuff from this bead, maybe brooches? And maybe sell some? Hehe. My sister is going to Bangkok again, so I might place another round of order!

Have a colorful weekend everyone!

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