Monday, April 9, 2012

Emir @ 6 months

Actually I just want to show this couple of pix of me wearing Emir in Giant yesterday. But alang-alang dah update, terus citer pasal Emir lah..

My handsome boy turns 6 months! He is such a darling, jarang meragam. Memang sweet pumpkin pie lah. Anyway, he is a bit clingy these few days. I think he is in the separation anxiety phase. Last Saturday was the worst, he refused to sleep at all during the day because I wasn't next to him. After BF and hell asleep, I left him (nak kemas rumah, do laundry and stuff), tak sampai setengah jam, terus bangun and wails, looking for me.

He can move forward, push using his right arm, macam askar! Hehe so comel. During this anxiety separation period, whenever he sees me, he quickly push himself towards me and bila sampai je will gawang-gawang his hand as a sign for me to lift him up. Laju betul mengesot, macam ulat! I call him ulat gonggok (millipede).

I start his solid food this week with pureed apple (yums!). Wanted to start with avocado but avocado takde yg masak, still keras. So yeah, bermula lah kembali episod membuat makanan untuk bayi. Even though their gap is not that wide, I barely can remember what I did for Zahra last time. Gotta flip the old entries for reference, thank God for blogs haha..

Me wearing Emir inside Giant KD. He is such a heavy bum now but takat pakai kejap-kejap ok la. He loves to be in the sling but sibuk pusing kiri kanan.

Seeeee! Busy tengok iklan kat ramp tu.

Such a chubby lad kan? Drinks a lot and poos a lot too hehe. Anyway Emir ni prefer direct feeding, I just supply 3 x 4oz a day to babysitter, itu pun kadang2 tak habis.

Happy 6 months my ulat gonggok! Mommy loves you so much! Ok la, mommy gotta read what should I feed you this week hehehe..


  1. comel..marissa pn sama..dpt duduk dlm ssc sibuk nak gigit sana sini..pusing kiri kanan xreti dok diam

  2. salam,

    mmg Emir sgt-sgt-sgt good boy! subahanallah~

  3. :)Lama u tak update entry aan.Thank u for posting up emir punya update.hehehe.Chubby ye emir ni. and opcoz cumel.kakak nyer mana?tak ikut?hehehe