Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Corn Fighter

I initially wanted to post a serious story about these corn - on how delicious they are after grilled in the oven (and it was my first time doing it - I always boil corn) but these pics worth more for the story telling.

Anyway, the corns are all the way from Cameron Highlands, my friend's brother were having fun there and called up the sister telling he's coming back and want to kirim anything, and we the girls overheard the conversation and kirim jagung boleh? Makcik sangat! Haha.. anyway thanks to the little brother! It's a pack of 5 cobs pearl corn for RM10 only.

Oh ya about the funny story.

It's the first time I brought home corn in its natural form - complete with husk, so I excitedly calling up Zahra, lay down all the corns to show her. She went all excited too, and as usual, the little brother will cepat-cepat sibuk join the crowd. Emir adores Zahra so much! Whatever the sister does, he wants to join in.

And Zahra pulak macam biasa la, kadang-kadang bagi, kadang-kadang marah.

Ishhhh Emir! Jagung Zahya!
She was pulling Emir away from the corn.

When Emir refused to budge out, she resorts to crying. Haha..drama queen betul.

And time nanges tu siap wailing "mummmyyyyyyyyyy, Emir amik jagung zahyaaaaaaa"

Ye la ye la..jagung zahra sangat :)

While we at this, the grilled corn is yummilicious and super duper easy to make! All you have to do is dump as it is in the oven (I wash it beforehand). Including the husk! It will come out juicy and very sweet - the original corn flavour. 180 celcius degrees for 30mins, but my oven is kinda old so I put at 200 celcius for 40mins :)

A tip about using oven by my mom is to have 2 ovens. Satu khas for cakes/muffin/cookies, another one is for lauk-pauk (chicken/meat/fish/seafood) because somehow the lauk-pauk will ruin ur oven (the smell is not easily come off). So we bought this small oven for grilled chicken and stuff and tengoklah..memang lenjan habis-habisan. We use every week and almost everyday during confinement. It has been 2 years and serves us wonderfully. Berbaloi sangat dengan harga dia. Macam boleh pakai buang la..

Whilst my big and expensive oven for baking is just another pretty face. Cantik dekat cabinet tapi tak pakai-pakai haha.. I use it less than 10 times in 3 years. How ironic.


  1. AAN,where have u been missing?lama u tak update blog darl.missing ur kids action here.huhuhu nanti update blog kay darl.muah

  2. Lin,
    I ada sgt. But I read ur blog..tak sempat nak comment pun. Mwah!