Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Thing has been pretty hectic lately, since we started our house renovation. Nothing big, just to extend the end roof and lay tiles for the porch.

But never underestimate simple job. It still needs a lot of resources from us. We had to decide what we want to do, tiles shopping (which took us almost 2 hours last weekend), plan the design, choose the paint, choose the gate design, etc etc.. sigh.

We are indecisive people. We can't even decide whether we want gutter for our roof or not. Well, if money is not a concern, of course everything is easy like a snap, OK I want all of that haha. But since every little thing is under the budget, we have to think, do we really need a gutter? Or not really..just some extra thing which will consume big sum of money. But it will be nice to have, ain't it? Sigh...

Renovation day 3 - extending the roof

And not to mention we have to choose the paint. So hard to decide! We love this color and afraid it will look weird with the roof and the porch, and this color is too brown la, etc etc. Spoiled by choices! And the gate also! We had to scout the neighbourhood for few times to look out for ideas as both of us hate the design in the catalog can? Hmm...

And also the dust! We reached home around 7PM yesterday welcomed with a pile of dust, not only outside of the house, but it's spreading into the whole hall and dining area even though door is closed. It's due to the porch hacking and electric wiring for the gate. I hope this will end asap. Tak larat nak mengemop.


  1. hehehehe..biasala bila renovatekan.kalu habuk tu jadi kawan no 2..oh sungguh penat mengelap.sabar jela aan.. :).tak sabo nak tengok hasilnyer nanti hehehe

  2. lepas siap ni sila buat makan-makan ye.

  3. today is bday zahra ke?

    jika ya....

    happy birthday sayang! ;)

  4. Lin,
    Tu la hehe...tgh bersabar, kejap je ni

    Hahaha..insyaAllah..tgk tahap kerajinan :P

    Tenkiu auntie alis! Hehe birthday Zahra 10hb...lebih kurang la tu, Zahra dah 1y3m!

    Masa design and plan2 mmg best, once dah buat, alamak..duit dah habis tak best, harap2 hasil dia best..happy balik :P