Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Strawberry Shortcake

Below is a couple of pictures Zahra Elena with her straw hat.

We bought the straw hat during the short trip to Melaka and she refused to wear it that time and the hat is in the car boot ever since.

We had family lunch last Sunday (the day she had her food allergy) and it was scorching hot and we have to walk few meters from parking to the restaurant, so I told Zahra, "Zahra...panas tauuuu..Zahra pakai topi ni ok?" and guess what? She wants to wear it!!! Ok maybe she doesn't really understand what is panas (but I think she does! because if I said the food is hot she will wait and try to touch the base of the bowl to check if it is hot or not and blow the food! :D) but dia nak pakai topi tu, itu yg penting hehe. In Melaka she will throw tantrum the moment the hat touching her head :P

This is when we finished our lunch and I said, "Ok Zahra, kita nak balik..panas, pakai topi ok"

And Zahra with mummy!

Ok, maybe I'm being delusional here, I think she was just being hyper and sleepy, that's why she looks happy with the hat. Whatever it is, you are my strawberry shortcake of the day!


  1. lagi sekali nak cakap...zahra mmg comel! hikhikhikhikhik!

  2. Hehe tenkiu auntie! Comel waktu sengih je :P