Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When we are over excited..

I rarely do this.. But I have to blog about it because it is funny and I want to keep a record of it so one day when I am a makcik already, I'll look back and read all the silly things we had haha. The thought about it only ticks.

The story is, the wedding photographer for my brother's reception (the wife side) is soooooooo cute! Ok, maybe not that cute, but noticeable and we girls can't stop giggling about it hahaha!

I am so excited with the cuteness that I even send a PM telling him that he is cute!! Cannn? Hahaha. But it's just for fun. I mean, nothing wrong for you to compliment things that you like right? Just like when you tell your girlfriend how pretty she is in the baju kurung, or nice shoes, or whatever it is.

Hahh..gotta stop giggling. MrComot dah menyampah ok..I keep on saying comelnyaa budak tuuuuu LOL!

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