Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a mad mad world

I was checking my mails this morning when I saw this in my inbox.

I'm pretty free today (ehem, going to update more!) so I browse the promotion and see this!!

More stuff to redeem here

I was like, O-M-G!!! Menyampah nyaaaaaa! Kenapa la tak offer time I nak beli wawawa. If you still remember, this is the exact gadget I bought for Zahra's food! I bought it for RM190 at Harvey Norman after a few sessions of haggling (I never know we can haggle at HN! Haha) and with this bonuslink special promotion, I can get it at RM139!! Grrrr..geramnya!

Anyway if you are thinking to get it, this is the best time! Other brand pun more or less around that price, before discount. If you don't have the bonuslink card, you can use mine! Since I'm not going to redeem anything.. Haha mood sangat baik today. But only one redemption is allowed. So it will be the fastest first ;)

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