Monday, September 6, 2010

Bad news

Bad news, my name is listed in ptptn website and will be held from going to oversea. I never received any letter so I gave them a call this morning and guess what? According to them, they send all the letters to Alor Setar address (I was in AS previously) but I'm quite confident that I gave them my current address already. And some more, nobody from AS really forward the letters to me. Ok now I have to dig back the original agreement to check on the address, only problem that I don't know where is it. Ntah-ntah dah hancur kena makan anai2 when I was in Setiawangsa :(

I can't pay the lump sum and I want to go somewhere outside next year. They said I can buat rayuan bla bla bla but it will takes time. Anyone knows any other way to tackle this?

Thanks :(


  1. lalink..
    dah kena juga ke? huhuhu. me pun tak tau how to tackle this situation. me cuma boleh cakap, just make monthly payment. kalau dapat in big amount, then negotiate..ok kot. this is the point yang me meradang hari tu. supposed to begin with summons la. after dapat judgment dr court, baru laa boleh nak blacklist. pening laa malaysian legal system. haizz..

    p/s: selamat hari raya :))

  2. Yup exactly. And let say betul dia hantar surat tu alamat yg salah and nobody response kan, mana boleh terus blacklist mcm tu. Buat summons and make sure ada reply dulu baru boleh blacklist mcm ni. And relate dengan JPN, JPN got current address kan, they can cross check and send to the correct address as on the IC. Eeiii me dont know lah..

  3. Try tanya Liana. She was blacklisted too.

  4. erm, tp before dis ader wat payment x?
    woo, scary gak ek derang ni..
    trus blacklisted camtuh jerk.
    xkn la kiter nk byr lump sum pulak biler dh jd camni..sigh..

    saba ek, try negotiate dgn derang tuh

  5. Asroll,
    Thanks beb. Dah tanya, dia buat full settlement, giler kaya!

    Tak pernah buat lump sum because I never receive any letter. But then tak sangka pulak alamat salah. Hmm...

  6. masa nk buatkan sspn untk anak, terdengar ada sorg mamat bertnya2 psl rayuan and officer tu kata boleh sgt2 (not sure in writing or pegi sdiri jumpa officer)

    pymt lump sum tu ada yg terpaksa wt personal loan (but mcm tutup lubang korek lubang). some advice guna akaun 2 kwsp, even not much but at least banyak sikit la drpd nk byr sbulan seratus dua