Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hiiiiii guysssss.

I have 2 announcements here.

1) I dah berjaya swim across the pool!!!!

Wahhh excited ok. Siap dapat 3 laps lagi hehehe. Crossing the pool is crucial gila okkk. Because I was very terrified with the depth at the centre of the pool. Normally I will swim kat tepi2 je which is around 1.2m, so still I am 'taller' than the water. So whenever I failed to grasp new breath, I just berdiri je la kan.

The centre of the pool is about 1.8m, definitely 'taller' than me! So what if tiba2 I penat to swim time tengah2. Tak pasal2 okkk kena diselamatkan oleh lifeguard.

On the first attempt I had to STOP at tengah2 which caused me takut-nak-mati. I was so stressed to pass the pool that I pushing my limits and losing the balance and breath. Luckily I swim next to plastic rope yg kat tengah2 kolam tu so I grabbed it and bersangkut kat situ until I fully regained my strength. And another important matter, I swam with a pro - cool. She followed me from behind to monitor me in case I'm drowned half way ke apa ke kan. In fact, time nak swim balik, I siap tolak her body okkkkk, sbb takde tempat nak pegang ahahaha. Gila keji. Btw, thanks babe! I can cross it! You must be so proud of me hihihi

After that she encouraged me to do another 2 laps. OMG penat okkk. But I berjaya crossing it without stopping!! Yeayy!!

So guys, aren't you happy with me :D

2) Hmmm I ada another thing nak bitau. But will include some simple drawing. And I still takde masa nak buat. So..maybe I will update you guys later about this one? Hmmm..maybe tomorrow? Hehehe :D

Till nowwwww



  1. ajar ngah berenang plak..

  2. wah..kagum..kagum
    clap! clap!

  3. Ngah, pegi la berenang kat pantai tu. Haa..dah keja kerteh ni lagi senang la :p

    Khairiah, jom la swimming skali :D boleh me pusing2 my swimsuit ahaha lari topic lak