Wednesday, July 23, 2008

HIV shivers

Hye peeps!!

Finally! A big heavy stone in my head lifted! I did my HIV test today!


You have no idea on how this simple thing giving shivers down to my spine. It's not like I am involved in seks-secara-rambang or sharing the drug needles, but.. what IF. What IF tiba2 doctor cakap,

"miss, I have bad news for you, you are HIV positive"

Tak kah pengsan mak???

And being me, I always have this mental image with unpleasant possibilities and already came up with the scenarios ok. I imagined kalau doctor cakap mcm tu, 1st thing I will ask is

since when I am infected? ---> ni boleh ke diketahui? Ahaha

Then I siap imagine, I have to break the news to the family members, me and him. Not the HIV news, but 'the wedding is off' one. Then have to make announcement in my blog. Then everybody will start asking and we will simply said "dah takde jodoh" and why the wedding-tak-jadi remained mysterious till death. Hahaha mental takkk???

One of my officemate just finished the test last week in Keramat, and the nurse asked him few Qs like do you know what HIV, how you can get it, is it fatal, etc etc. And I read in some bride-to-be blogs they were being interviewed too, as in general knowledge. So I've been ready with lot's of possible smart-ass line like "HIV is a virus that can turn into AIDS and lead to death". Ewaahhh bersemangat okkk.

Btw, we did the test at Poliklinik Kelana Jaya and it was totally different from what I've been imagining. The procedure completed just through a small window! Not even seated ok.

Tempat kejadian

I slipped my hand through here. It's like the way you print your thumb for money withdrawal at banks. So old skol and sempoi.

The nurse just asked for my right hand, and said 'sakit sket ye' then punch my finger with the needle, pinch it to drop blood, then we have to wait for a bout 20mins and voila! The result came out.

So my line gone wasted hahahaha.

Of course HIV negative! What have you been thinking =D

Whatever it is, I'm glad this one settled, and my head is light as a feather now.

Oh ya, if you are about to do this procedure too, get the form from JAIS (or ur negeri punya la) because it will only cost you RM10. Otherwise, you can get it from the clinic, but it will cost you RM30! I forgot to snap the notice. Gommenne~


  1. kakak aan yang tomeiii.. nak gelak baca u punye imagination tu laa..
    atoyaaiii..terror giler imagine
    u leh jadi penulis fiksyen yg berjaya!! yeahh~

  2. aan ni mmg la..suka sgt wat drama..haha

    well..bukan aan la kalu takder drama swasta gitu..*larikkk*

  3. imaginasi terlampau!



    *pukul bontot aandes*

  5. Ahaha khairiah, me tulis nnt semua org tak faham. Merapu sgt.

    Cool, Shani and Bee, korang pun kadang2 drama and mental kaann dlm blog ahahaha. Kalau tak tulis, harus mental kat luar. Tak kuasa okk

  6. tak suke amik darah ..!
    masa pregnant lagi la setiap bulan kene check darah!..