Thursday, July 31, 2008

Have you cuppa at Chawan

Last few days, we tried this one new kopitiam at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. Kopitiam is everywhere nowadays, and my favourite will always be Old Town White Coffee. One because of the kaya butter toast (the best ever!) and another factor is because it is everywhere!

Btw, I read once about Chawan in some blogs (couldn't recall which blog, one of the foodies). It is famous for its array of coffee. Kluang, Ipoh, Melaka, etc etc. I dun remember all the names or the origin as I'm not a die-hard-fan of coffee.

Since we were in Bangsar area, we decided to give it a try.

I like the neon logo. It looks cute and inviting.


I had nasi lemak with chicken rendang. It came with blanched kang-kung, slices of cucumber, half hard boiled egg, peanuts and anchovies. The sambal is superb! Seriously sedappp! But the chicken is a bit on tough side. They use small-est achovies. MrComot likes it so much. I prefer the bigger one. (but the smaller it is the more expensive kan? hehe).

MrComot had this

The keow teow soup was ok too. Came with prawns, fish ball, and fried beancurd skin. Topped with spring onion and taugeh. Waahhh explanation mcm sesi memasak pulak kann. The soup base is more flavourful than Ipoh Keowteow Soup from Old Town.

And the prom king of the night will be, my drink!!

My hot ginger honey lemon tea.

I ordered this on instinct. I can't take coffee for a few months (due to the heartburn) and decided to opt for tea when my eyes crossed this menu. The ginger and lemon not overpowering each other. Just nice with a hint of honey and tea. It is served in a tall glass, worth every penny. I think around RM5 or RM5.80 mcm tu. Will definitely come again for this one.

And MrComot had this - Kopi Kapal Api. Haha..seriously I can't differentiate a good or bad coffee. But it's not bad for my taste bud.


Another good point is, the waiter was so friendly (siap buat lawak bodoh pasal kopi kapal api okk) and the service was very fast. We waited for about 5 or 10mins mcm tu je. On the minus side, the food option is very little. If you want coffee variations, it is a good place for you to hang up.


  1. what??? best ke?
    my experience at chawan is completely different from yours ok. nnt me blog *tak puas hati ni*

  2. old town white coffee tetap di sanubari

  3. Bee, urs teruk mcm mana? Takde la best the food, but the tea seriously yummyyy. Haha u have to blog about it. Me want to know how bad it was

    Khairiah, Old town mmg the best! Me can imagine the double kaya butter toast okkkk. And me sooo like the curry toast. Nyam! But the drink so sikit la..and me kecewaaaa mcm tak puas minum. 3.80 for a small cup.

  4. Been there few times.. so far my experience is good. I like it :D