Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Intoxicated MCR

This is the promised entry. Even the heat is already not there, I'll try to write everything that I could remember.

This is the 1st time I went to a concert, a rock concert. I'm not their big fan, but I know few songs okaayy. Like the Black Parade, Teenagers, and I Don't Love You. This is their Black Parade tour concert anyway.

Since MCR is quite a new name, and they only have three albums, I didn't expect much from them, but still, they are sucker than I thought. Maybe I'm just too old for this. Ahh..continue to the story...

We arrived around 5.00pm and people already gathering, mostly high school teenagers with black outfit and thick makeup. They were lots of booths selling MCR tag (the one that make u look like one of the crew), T-shirt, finger foods and drinks. Since I'm not their kipas-susah-mati, no purchase made.

There were Rela in camouflage suit and crew as well. People was already getting excited. Oh ya, the parking is RM6 ok. Since we already in, malas nak be fussy and turn back. But nevermind lah, once in a lifetime gitu.

The main entrance. Full of RELAs.

Even though it's still early, people already waiting at all entrances. Even the main entrance for VIP is closed for public usage. We have to do Asar prayer at surau Balai Polis Dang Wangi.

We started queuing at 530pm and people already swarming like flies over garbage. Plus it was drizzling! Luckily, we have our Powerpuff umbrella.

See how big the crowd was? And it's only at gate 4! All other gates is just as bad. And we had to stand like 1 hour flat!! The show started at 6.30pm and they just opened the entrance at 6.30! Giler vavis bodoh ke apa? I just don't understand why they don't just let us in and secure our seat rather than let us standing like fools in the drizzles? We have our tickets, just check and in lah.

And why I said they are giler vavis bodoh, just imagine, they open the gate at 6.30pm and people were rushing and pushing (of course la, after standing outside for 1 hour) and show started when we are still busy pushing each other outside of the stadium. Bodoh kan? Even though it is only opening by local, we already waiting. So why wait? I don't know what's their reason, but I think it is stupid.

Part of the audience at 6.45pm. Opening by Pop Shuvit and One Buck Short. So-so je lah.

The show already started but people still queuing to enter. And lots more outside!

Chemical Romance rocking on stage.

I think they cheat a lot! At 8.00pm, the DJ already presenting MCR and crowd was cheering like mad. But tiba2 nothing appear. And they feast us with MP3 boleh? And it's not even frm MCR album. Kot yer lah pun nak delay, buat lah betul2. We were listening to Greenday, Smashing Pumpkins, etc and 8.15pm baru they start it.

It was drizzling and they gave us free ponco.

The show was a dissapointment. The audio is louder than the vocal that I don't know what he's singing and the crowd even sang louder ok. I felt like I was in big karaoke session instead of a good concert. And what's wrong with the kids? They are banging their heads like no one else business. Even MCR wasn't that high. Ahh..maybe again, I'm too old for this.

On top of that lousy performance, they did another what's-wrong-with-you act. Towards the end, Gerard says something like this in his thank you note, 'I think, My Chemical Romance is the best group in the world!'. And the crowd cheering like crazy.

What tha ...........

What the hell are they thinking? They are the best group in the world? They are not even the best rock group okay. Asshole.

Show finished at 10.30pm. It only last for 1 hour 15 mins.

People walking out.

Bad performance, bad management, bad organizer. Or maybe bad group? Not bad, just not good enough.

Thank God that we bought the cheapest ticket for it. Or maybe because the cheapest so tak best? Hehe..

1 hour and 15 mins for a so-so show. And missing RARE cute yellow Powerpuff umbrella. Sigh. Just not my luck I guess.

Saper yg curik payung tu, memang lah! You deal with God okay!


  1. Aku tak sangka ko pergi.

    You're way young for this! HeHe.

  2. Haha. Mmg tak sesuai OK. Kalau Muse kau pegi jugakkk kan :p

  3. MUSE?

    Amatla berharap pergi haritu. Tapi...