Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas wish

I wish I have more time to write and to sleep. Yawn. Life is fairly hectic nowdays. The rest, the mood is not there.

Anyway, have you seen the Christmas decoration in KLCC? OMG! They are georgous! Big snowman and huge reindeers. The snowman is really good and smooth that make me feel like to wrap my hands round the neck, but they put a small gate so we couldn't be near and hug it ;(

I will go to KLCC again for the pictures, hmm..maybe end of this week. And will paste them here :D

Just a short update, I hope Santa (somebody) will hear my wishlist for end of this year.

I waaaaaaaannntttt thisss sooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaddddd.

It is an old flame coming in DVD!!!

A very, very, old series, in 1995 (I was in form 3 ok!).

I already bought this series (about 2 years ago) in Kotaraya (they got this one shop selling original Japanese, Chinese, Koreans stuffs) but in VCD and the quality mcm cilake ok. Felt cheated for RM50. Tried to find the DVD but never found it. Thot it will never be in DVD since it's already thaaat old (and not that famous).

Never mind. If Santa not giving me, I'll rob somebody else.

Aishiteru To Itte Kure / Tell Me That You Love Me / Say Love Me

Anyone ever seen this series?

Ahh..gotta go. Another thing comes up. Da!

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