Monday, April 6, 2015

❤ Earth Costume ❤

Ok, so do you still remember my last year project where I did some mascot costume for my kids' sports day? It involves few character and one of them is earth!

I've blogged about the previous one in this entry - Cloud Costume

So, earth costume is a bit constructional. I really have no idea what is the best way to make it. Initially I want to make it from a big balloon, blow it up, patch with paper maiche and the pop it. But then I couldn't find the right size of balloon. Then I plan to make the frame with wires from scratch and patch it with cardboard, but playing with wire is not my thing, so finally after some thought and scouting, I decided to use lantern as the frame. The downside of lantern is, it's kinda destructible due to soft I tried to preserve the frame structure as much as I can.

The largest paper lantern I manage to find, it's about 18" in diameter. 

I used PVA glue and tissue paper to cover up the lantern lines. Turn out it's not a good idea as the glue is very very very wet and won't dry at all. Thank God I just used a small patch then I decided to switch the technique.

Switched to spray adhesize (leftover from Cloud Costume) which is super cool as it lays and spread a very thin of glue and dries quickly.

Smoothen out layers of paper. I used couples of layers and don't worry if it's not perfect. Because that's how the earth rolls right, all the bumpy mountains and land. Imperfection is the real perfect ;)

I used this cloth tape to strengthen the core

Like so.

Then I roughly sketch the arm area for the hands to poke out and cut it using wire cutter.

Warning, you need a real wire cutter, like this.

Not some random cutter even though how strong it can be, it's not designed for wire. Like this pruning scissor as it only cuts twigs.

And it will damage the blade if I insist on cutting wire. Can you spot the blade? it has small serration :(
The base with arm holes. I also trimmed the bottom for some room for the leggys

Being dried properly before spraying it with some colors.

 I couldn't decide which blue I want to use, so I bought 2 shades of it
Both give nice hues but I preferred the right one as it's stronger.

Spraying under the strong sun. My only advice is to put old newspaper under the globe before you spray it. I forgot and it left a circle mark on my grass :D

My model of the day. She looks like a giant blue pumpkin right? The base is not sturdy enough and will bend in if you rest your hands on it. But oh well..

Add on some maps cut from felt. Home is where heart is.

Some other random maps, which is shapely right (kind of) but not geographically correct.

Sorry! It was really a last minute touch up and I couldn't bother to get it right, globally.

So this is how the costume look from the front. The sides bent a little bit as the wearer rest his hands on it.
It looks perfectly rounded when the hands are inside haha. Mind the blurry photo. This captured from far using my phone.

So that's it! What I like the most about this costume is I get to play with spray paint..and the challenge of getting the shape. I bet it's easier and sturdier with balloon and paper maiche.

And for the #imadeconstumewoohooo and @guessthecostumecontest, I put this picture and got this guesses:

  • ball gown
  • disney characters elsa and sofia
  • doraemon
  • humpty dumpty
  • toucan
I wish it's a ball gown though! That will be very fun!

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