Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kid's friendly rambutans

I'm not a big fan of rambutan just because of the hard shells at the outer of the seed. What do we call it eh? It's something flaky and scratchy to the throat. Anyway my kids love it so much! But I rarely let them enjoy rambutan because I don't feel fancy peeling up the flaky thing *lazy mom alert*. 

You can eat the flaky thing all together if you want, but it can cause cold and make you cough. I don't know how true is that because the words are taken from the oldies but somehow it happens to me if I had rambutans. So I decided to believe in it and painstakingly peel the flaky thing from the flesh if I ever give rambutan to my children.

Hence, that explains why I rarely give them rambutan.

Anyway...things kinda changed after I saw my sister-in-law feed her daughter rambutan. There IS a short cut, and very kids friendly!

Maybe you already knew about this, but this is something new to me, like, after 5 years being a mom? I gotta share it with you guys!

The trigger - they've been hauling rambutans like crazy, so I gotta reward them somehow right? 

So here it is step by step. Well, it is so simple that I can summary it within few sentence...but I'm feeling fancy now, updating my blog with pictures. So bear with me =D

Halves the hairy skin. I used to use my only mouth and teeth to open it. How....nice, and poise. Well, it's easier that way, as you can immediately pop it into your mouth haha!

Halves as much as you can. Because once you do it this way, the rambutans will be gone in jiffy!

Like so! It will have some hairs naturally because you are using your hands of course!

So wash it

And rinse it

Then slice it side by side and try not to slice very close to the seed, to avoid slicing the flaky thing altogether. Sorry no slicing picture because nobody bothers to take my picture slicing them *roll eyes*

It's ok if the flaky thing accidentally sliced. Well, nothing is perfect in this world.

And enjoy!

I told you it will be gone in jiffy! I haven't finish slicing all and the kids attacked them like a piranha!

Rambutan never taste sweeter and juicier than ever. Because it is so easy to eat this way! Best to keep it in the fridge overnight and you'll have instant cold dessert. But it's hard to keep it safe that long!

Oh will get some rambutans juice when you slicing it...don't throw it away! Just drink normal juice. Well..that's what I do! Hehe.


  1. That's what my mum did when we were younger. True, makan yang sejuk lagi sedaaapp. Tengok2 dah habis the entire bowl. I do the same thing for Myra if we have tonnes of rambutan, else I couldn't be bothered. :P

    1. Haha kannn! I just knew! Macam wahhh ruginya tak tau menda ni lol

  2. along, i just found out ade rambutan yg xde biji!! my brother punyer friends dad tanam. lg heaven!! haha

    1. Whattttt? Ni lagi dahsyat! Haha. The kids can kopek and munch immediately, so fun!