Thursday, October 16, 2014

We are 6!

Just another boring post (because I am in the middle of doing something interesting now! Which is much better than this post. Will reveal soon!)

Come to think, it's so mean of me to say that this is a boring post, because it's our 6th anniversary of marriage!

But to be honest, it is indeed a boring one! Not the marriage, I mean this year celebration. Huh, 6 years and already bored of it haha.

Well, we made a promise last year to take a leave from work and spend day time together doing fun stuff, or just go anywhere sans the kids.....but fast forward a year after that, this is how we celebrate it

.... at work.

No holiday, no day off, no nice dinner, not even a card! Gahh!

We were so busy on that day and and we just wish each other "Happy anniversary sayang. Me love you so much". Rushed readying the kids and ourselves for school and work, then off to work and then come back home, had simple even forget what we had for dinner, must be very plain every day food, and then doze off to Disneyland. Just like another routine.

And the next day, we said, dangggg we should do something for that special day. But the next day also went by, also in routine, and plain as ever.

Goshhhhh.. I should push myself and do something right? It won't be fun anymore to celebrate it backdated.

Anyway, some reflections of 6 years being married, with two kids - totally random rants:

1) We are doing well, I think so. Or at least that's how I feel. But things are harder sometimes with the kids. I still coping with the hectic more stress, but don't have the satisfaction

2) Talking about kids, I always have this thought of quitting. From work, for real. People are driven with different thing and at this stage, I am driven by being with my kids and time freedom. It's no fun to be stuck at office, in office hour. We've talked about this, but don't have the push to do it yet. Mostly because I am not ready to loose my earning.

3) My husband is such a wonderful companion and I thank God for all the blessing.

4) We still have disagreement over something..but mostly it's just petty thing that I often brush it I am too old to fight I guess. Drama is no more interesting.

5) Busyness - when will we ever run from it? Maybe this is just another stage in marriage. A part of us to strengthen the constitution that we are building.

That's all I guess?

Wow, it does sound boring haha.

I am thinking of doing something else in my life, not about marriage but more about my personal achievement. But I don't know where to start. And mostly I don't have the gut to do it.

Anyway, 6 years and going strong I hope! Will work for it of course. Just need to add dash of sprinkles, glitters and rainbow ;)

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