Friday, January 14, 2011

My BIG 1 year Pwincess!

Hola everybody!!!

Thanks for all the wishes, Aandes and her family is doing pretty okay now. Zahra Elena is bouncing and kicking, minus the hingus yang ala-ala and morning cough. Pagi2 kan sejuk, so she still cough a bit.

Anyway, just to announce here, Zahra Elena is 1 YEAR OLD! Thanks for the wishes aunties!

We were in Langkawi on her birthday and I already have this picture in my mind that we will have little celebration in the hotel room, complete with lights off, cupcake and candle and I'll teach Zahra to blow the candle yadayadayada.. you know lah all the fancy schmancy ..where the truth is, all of us fell on the bed flat. And woke up at 4AM because Zahra temperature is shooting up (she wants to BF that time and her body is so hot!). I quickly gave her paracetamol and change her sleepsuit to lighter clothing and sponging her body until morning. So that's how she marks her first birthday, hehe..

So let see what she can do now..

She got her rabbit tooth! Exactly around the birthday week! Hehe so cute.

Latest picture at 1 year 3 days old

She is in pre-walking phase - bertatih-tatih. Can stand by herself without supporting on something else, but rarely do that. There are a few times where she will stand and walk, max 3 steps then stop! Hehe. Enjoy walking with us very much where I have to hold both of her hands, and she will direct me wherever she wants to go.

On food, she STOP EATING on the day we reached Langkawi. AT ALL. I tried to give her almost everything, rice, porridge, fruits, noodles, etc but she will close her mouth as tight as she can and ignores me. Ok maybe she wants adult food, I even tried to give her cendol pulut ok! Hah! Tanak jugak, so howw? Basically she only survives by direct feeding from her mummy *sigh*

We went to the clinic for medical checkup after return from Langkawi and according to her doctor, babies are like that. They can stop eating like a switch, OFF it. Since she seems active and fully breastfed, the doc said give her some time like a week more and back to the clinic if she still refusing food. So yeah..we will wait for another week, hope the switch button will back to ON.

Her current weight is 7.9kg! She supposed to triple up her birth-weight = 10.2kg but again, as long as she active, ok la.. Of course la doctor tu tak risau, dia siap joget2 depan doctor tu, excited betul. Actually I pun tak worry sangat about the weight, more worry about not eating part. Sampai bila kan?

Her height, tak ukur lagi.

Hmm what else?

Oh ya, she knows how to say 'Nak' for a drink and she will pull my shirt at the boobs while says 'nak nak nak nak nak' for milk. Haha comel betul.. She also knows how to do few simple tricks like grip her hands on and off when we sing 'cak cekok udang gamitttt', swing her body when we say 'La Ilaha Illallah', wave when we say bye bye and yell 'babarrdddd' *insert very strong high tone here* when I point to a bird. Her fine motor is alright I guess, she can hold the small ixora flower and pick coins pretty well.

On her personality, as for now she is an extrovert. She likes being with people, doesn't mind to be carried by strangers, and lovesssss how people pay attention to her, like whenever somebody says hello, she will gives the biggest grin and sometimes with extra facial expression, depending on the person himself.

Masa kat Langkawi, during mealtime, all she wants to do is walking and will stop at every occupied table, waiting for the tourist to talk to her. Dalam flight pun siap pegi pegang bahu abang2 at the front seat. Attention seeker betul!

Well, that's my 1 year pwincess! Hehe. Happy birthday sayang! And no matter how much mommy whine about you, I love you so mucho mucho much! Every little thing you do bring so much joy to my life and mommy whines because you mean a lot to me. We whine on people that we care right? If we don't care, there is nothing we care to whine about ;)


  1. beautiful zahra....happy belated birthday to you....

  2. nnt mam byk2 k, pastu ada energy ajak mommy jalan puas2..

    aan, suara zahra hi-pitched tone ke?
    u belum dgr suara maryam.. geleng kepala semua orang anak dara i suara cenggitu

  3. Happy 1st Birthday Zahra Elena!. Muka awak makin sweet. and anT geram sama rabbit tooth awk tu. Semoga awak sentiasa berada di bawah lindungan Allah ya.

  4. Ala musyukkk... Heppi BEsday.... Its been a great year reading her updates thru ur blog since we jrg meet. Teruskan lagik..yeah.. sometimes i don komeng, but I follow ur blog or i would say, Zahra update blog :)) haha.. from time to time... btw, njoy ur parenthood and more to come i guess ;-) goodluck beb

  5. Happy 1st birthday, Zahra Elena!

  6. Zahra comel~ nanti Aunty datang giget pipi ye weekend ni ;*

  7. Mommy Fara,
    Tenkiu tenkiu!

    Dia tak hi pitched, tapi kalau menjerit tu, boleh tahan la hahaha

    Thank you so much..aminnn

  8. Azleena,
    That's why! I didn't know u dtg KL that day and nak pergi overseaaaaaa. Hope u have a good time there!

    Thank you auntie Along! :D

    Haha..datang bawak hadiah tau!

    Thanks! Kejap je kan..nnt Farhat pulak ;)