Sunday, November 21, 2010

I want a popcorn machine!

Just something random.

I was browsing using my phone and found this site :- and makes me want this so bad!

Yes, I want a popcorn machine!

We no more go to cinema for movies because nobody can babysit Zahra (or is it because we can't leave Zahra? Whatever but I don't want to bring her to cinema as well!) and since connection is super-fantastic *ahem* we end up downloading all the movies. But it never be the same because we end up cuddling and not eating anything. Not that I feel comfortable munching snacks on my bed anyway!

So am thinking it will be nice if I have a popcorn machine at home, so I can pop the corn whenever I like, even for lunch, dinner, brunch, anytime! So casual and stylo! Seee see see what a junkie wishlist ha ha ha.

Nevermind, I still want to buy it if I get bonus next year *pray pray pray* because I heard that there will no bonus for us next year *sobs*. I don't know, it's pretty sad don't you think so? Not getting a bonus and a popcorn machine.

Anywayyyyy...if I manage to buy it, I want to make cheddar cheese and jalapeno pop-corn! Yummy yum!!!


  1. kami pergi je cinema bawa maria mmg kurang mkn lately bau popcorn tu sgt menggoda..hehe..

  2. sudah beli beritahulah ye...

    mahu datang bertandang rumah dan makan popcorn free :P

  3. m@ri@,
    Takde lah teruk. Maria rajin nak bawak ok mmg malas nak bawak zahra sbb nnt me kena make sure dia tak sejuk la, and tak terkejut bising ke. Macam malas nak bersusah2 di situ hehehe

    Nanti aku war2kan kalau beli. KALAU beli la. Nanti ko datang versi potluck ok..aku buat popcorn je, sila la bawak nasi beriyani ke hehe