Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Poor my baby

Hi all,

Sorry for no update esp about the Japan trip.

MrComot is a bit sick (since Monday) and I'm quite worried. He can't breathe and can't sleep. I think it's a kind of asthma attack. By the way he's feeling better now. We went to the clinic yesterday and doctor gave some kind inhaler to clear out the lung, and some antibiotic.

According to the doctor, it is asthma induced by weather and few cases already recorded with our current hot and dry weather.

I was worried because he is the type won't mengadu too much and I am the type yg a bit ignorant. Just imagine that Monday he can't sleep the whole night and I didn't know! I only know after he woke me up for Subuh, which is very weird as it is soo early (yeah, we are not early people and I'm not proud of it) that I asked:

Me: How come you bangun Subuh awal?
MrComot: Me can't sleep
Me: Since when? Pagi or the whole night?
MrComot: The whole night
Me: Whyyyyyyyyy!!!??

Then baru lah I tahu he can't breathe. Then on Tuesday night he can sleep but breathing only by 60%. I made some hot water mixed with vicks for him to inhale and rub the back and chest with a lot of vicks. Seriously I never seen him in that state and I was teary and praying to God to lift up some of the burden.

His condition quite bad on Tuesday, dah la time tu I dragged him to watch Mahsuri in Istana Budaya (so ignorant of me! but he said he's ok) and the crowd after the show made him feel stuffy and weaker.

And now he's ok, but still need a lot of rest and this guy memang DEGIL (boleh tak marah hubby sendiri dlm blog? :P) sbb orang suruh cuti tanak tanak tanak. Got meeting la apa la. Memang la he can work, but he need sleep to recover 100%. Even his own mom advice him to take leave, but still no effect ok.

Oh ya, on another note, my carry forward leave keyed-in and I have 20 days leave now yipppieeee!!!!

Ps: Since he's dah OK now, I can update my blog in peace hehehe


  1. How do you cope with Malaysian weather after your trip abroad?

    I suffered a mild fever with headache, and later with sore throat. Asyik batuk saja. Perhaps sebab beza cuaca abroad dengan Malaysia. And I still need extra 1-2 of sleep every night to fully recover. :)

    Jet lag was OK, 2 hari dah recovered.

    And I think it's humid, not dry.

  2. I think it's humid too but doc said dry.

    So far we don't have any problem after balik Msia. No headache, cough, or whatever. And no jet lag at all, maybe because the different only 1 hour.

  3. ala ciannya anda berdua... good to hear u dah lega sekarang... been reading updates pasal trip jepun korg... menarik giler... teruja aku dibuatnya... waaa bila aku nk gi eh? hehehehhe

  4. hahah aan sgt cute..

    harap mr comot cepat sembuh..mmg nampak sgt dia tak larat smlm pon...tapik tu lah lelaki kan tak ngada2 cam kita kita ni aan kan kan?


    happy holiday..moga cuti ni korang leh rest sepenuhnya...

  5. Azleena, go with ur future hubby! It's going to be so romaannnticcc hehehe.

    Cool, haa tu la..tapi sapa suruh tanak mengada2 kan, biar la kita yg pegang takhta, opss :P Happy holiday to u too >:D<